Fort Malden hosts ‘Volunteer Open House”


By Joel Charron

The Fort Malden National Historic Site was looking to boost its volunteer base by hosting a volunteer open house this past Sunday.

According to visitor services team leader, Caron Soulliere, Fort Malden decided to hold a volunteer open house because it was experiencing a large number of calls regarding the War of 1812 Bi-centennial celebrations.

“This is for people to come and learn a little about our opportunities and to apply for a volunteer position,” said Soulliere.

The position that are looking to be filled are, period drill, re-enacting, period gardening,

costuming, sewing, knitting embroidery and music programs.

Soulliere noted after each volunteer fills out an application, complete with areas of interests,

Windsor native and retired teacher K. Cusack fills out a volunteer application Sunday afternoon.

they try to pair them up with the proper volunteer program.

However Soulliere mentioned that there are “caps” for certain programs.

“Programs like photography have unlimited positions compared to costuming, which has a limit of volunteers we can have,” explained Soulliere.

Fort Malden is hoping to host a Volunteer Open House twice a year, once in the spring and another in the fall.

Soulliere said roughly 30 people have filled out applications to volunteer. There is no age requirement.

“We’re looking for all age, families, retirees, anyone who has an interest in what we do,” said Soulliere.

Soulliere added Fort Malden is looking to “enhance” some of the programs they currently have with the volunteers having a big hand in doing so.

“Some of the volunteers will fit in perfectly with some of the specialty programs, like costume making or the Caldwell’s re-enactment unit and our period garden,” she said.

Retired teacher and Windsor native K. Cusack said she filled out a volunteer application because she has a strong interest in history. She said volunteering at Fort Malden would clear up some confusion she’s always had about the War of 1812.

“I’ve always been confused about who won and all of the above,” admits Cusack.

Although Soulliere said that most of the volunteers would be chosen from those who attended the open house, people can still submit a volunteer application by going to or call Fort Malden at 519-736-5416.



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