Fort Malden accommodates a war veteran’s wedding

By Jolene Perron

Afghanistan war Veteran, William Lymer and his bride-to-be, Amanda Galbraith, are coming back to Gailbraith’s hometown to hold their wedding.

Galbraith was born and raised in Amherstburg but moved to Ottawa to do her schooling. After working on Parliament hill, where she met her fiancé, she decided she wanted to hold her wedding in her home town. Striving for a unique atmosphere for their wedding, Galbraith and Lymer decided that they wanted to host their wedding in Fort Malden.

“We wanted to do something different, I didn’t want your typical wedding in a hall,” said Galbraith.

Not only does the couple find Fort Malden to be one of “the most beautiful aspects of Amherstburg“, but it also holds a special meaning to the couple, particularly Lymer, who was an army reserve and has just recently returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan in November.

Lymer was also a Governor General’s foot guard on Parliament Hill. The Governor General’s Foot Guards is one of three household regiments in the Primary Reserve of the Canadian Army, Governor General’s Foot Guards being the most senior.

The wedding itself will be on August 6 in the evening facing the water. After the wedding, there will be a cocktail hour along with a performance by a local musician.

The reception will also be held on the grounds.

Galbraith says that her and her fiancé have family coming from as far away as Toronto and Jordan to see their wedding and that Fort Malden has been working with them all along the way to make this special for everyone.

“They’ve been wonderful, very accommodating. We’ve been able to work all together to make it happen and I‘m really excited, it‘s an amazing opportunity, I think it will be beautiful,” she said.

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