Former Golden Gloves champ achieves Level 5 coaching status


By Joel Charron

After putting it off for several years, a local boxing coach has achieved qualifications and certifications that could see him coach in the Olympics.

Wayne Goodchild, a former Golden Gloves champion has earned his Level 5 certification from the Coaching Association of Canada. Achieving his Level 5 means Goodchild is qualified to be an Olympic coach.

“It’s just a tremendous accomplishment,” he said.

Goodchild has spent the last 33 years coaching the sport he once put on the gloves to fight for. The boxing veteran has owned two gyms in Amherstburg, the first opening in 1980 and the latter in 1995, in which Olympic and heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis was present during the opening ceremonies.

Goodchild said he slid into coaching after he hung up the gloves because he still had a burning passion for the sport and he enjoyed helping young people discover boxing.

“Usually boxers turn into coaches after,” he said.

Along with being able to coach in the Olympics, Goodchild added achieving Level 5 status means “you are looked as a high performance coach.”

“You have to be a Level 5 to be able to able to compete at the Olympics. It’s the highest you can go,” he said.


Local boxing coach Wayne Goodchild has achieved his Level 5 certification from the Coaching Association of Canada. With the certification, he is qualified to coach as high as the Olympics

According to Goodchild, Levels 1-3 focus on theory, practical and technical aspects of boxing and can be done through Boxing Ontario. The fourth and fifth levels come through the Canadian Amateur Boxing Association (CABA).

In order to achieve his Level 5, Goodchild spent two weeks at the University of Ottawa on two separate occasions.

While away, Goodchild was taught such things as psychology, physics, nutrition and anatomy sport specific to boxing. Recovery, regeneration, and altitude training were also part of the training.

Goodchild mentioned that he could have had his certification in 2004, however family and business obligations delayed him until this year.

Goodchild is now able to be put in a pool of coaches for Boxing Ontario and CABA camps.

The newly certified coach said he has “made a lot of champions” through out the years and stated he plans on jumping back into coaching when he retires with the goal of training a fighter all the way to the Olympics.

When coaching fighters, Goodchild said not all of them are the same.

“Every athlete is different. You have to be able to have tailor-made training for each individual,” he said. “You have to look at their strength and weakness.”

He stated having fighters train at different gyms against different sparring partners is key for physical and mental development.

He also mentioned that fighters need more than one coach to evolve as a fighter.

“As an athlete you have to go around to different coaches,” he said. “There is not one coach that is going to be the best in the world. You have to take what you can from each coach then add what you learned to your arsenal.”

“If you want to make a champion, you have to go the extra mile,” stated Goodchild.

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  1. Tom Marshall says:

    Congrats to you Wayne! You are a True Champion! I look forward to the day when you Coach a fighter in the Olympics!