Fishing platform and trails part of restoration project

By Karen Fallon

The River Canard Shoreline Restoration project was given the green light by council on Sept. 26.

Matthew Child from ERCA and Dan Krutsch from Landmark Engineers made a presentation to council regarding the “intent and main elements of the project.”

As both Amherstburg and LaSalle jointly own the park, the project, which involves restoring the shoreline to a “more natural edge” involves both municipalities as well as the Essex Region Conservation Authority.

Public input is also being sought via a public meeting being held Oct. 13 at the Knights of Columbus Hall on Malden Rd. from 5 to 7 p.m.

According to a report by Antonietta Giofu, environmental engineer, a consulting team led by Landmark Engineers Inc. has been retained at ERCA’s expense to assist with the project design and retaining permits.

The project, which includes an upland trial and fishing platform, has a price tag of $230,000.

To date ERCA has received contributions from both federal and provincial sources to the tune of $140,000, notes Child. The balance of the project funding is being sought from both Amherstburg and LaSalle at a cost of $45,000 to each municipality.

According to Child several years ago the town acquired $25,000 from the Ministry of the Environment for a shoreline restoration project targeted for Ranta Park.

As that project didn’t go ahead it has been confirmed with the MOE that the money can be redirected to the River Canard project, he noted.

In addition $20,000 would be included in the town’s 2012 capital budget to cover the remainder of the cost.

The project would, notes Giofu in his report, “invite people to use and enjoy the shoreline.”

“It is a project that will really enhance that park,” said councilor Robert Pillon, who inquired about the willingness of LaSalle to “be onboard.”

Child replied that LaSallle did approve phase one of the project in May and he was hopeful that they would follow Amherstburg’s lead by approving the next phase of the project.

“It is nice to see that we are going to be having some dynamic development in other parts of our municipality,” said councilor Carolyn Davies.

Council approved the open house and project.

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