First-time local author pens new children’s book



By Ron Giofu


When Stephen Massey’s daughter Cheryl was a child, he would often refer to her as “Chuckles.”

That name never left him and now Massey is using it as one of the main characters of his new children’s book.

Massey has teamed with local illustrator Steven Johnson on “Chuckles and Boomerang,” a new 56-page children’s book now available through and The book is expected to be the first in a series, and is described as “a touching series about the daily adventures of a little girl and her dog. Children will be drawn into the close, fun relationship that Chuckles and Boomerang have. The beautifully-illustrated pages with vibrant colours will captivate your child’s interest. Parents and grandparents will appreciate the pleasant, respectful disposition that this little girl and future characters display!”

“The topic came up last December,” Massey said. “It was Steven Johnson that brought the topic up. He was working on another project and said ‘you should write a children’s book. I’m glad he did because I already had these characters in my head.”

Massey said “I don’t want to say it’s educational, but I think children can learn the way (the character Chuckles) conducts herself,” adding people with a close relationship to a family pet can also identify with it.

Stephen Massey wrote “Chuckles and Boomerang” with assistance from illustrator Steven Johnson and Peter Blain. The book is now available on

After Massey wrote the book, Johnson provided the illustrations and after revising it and putting it all together, “Chuckles and Boomerang” was released at the end of August. He kept the “Chuckles” name from his daughter’s childhood, stating “it was just a matter of putting a story to it that I thought children would enjoy.”

The pair also thanked Peter Blain for his technical expertise in getting the book published.

Massey said he is “extremely happy” with the new self-published book and shipped the first two copies to his daughter and son.

“I wanted to physically have the book so I could personally ship it to them as a surprise,” said Massey.

A total of 15 books were sold in the first week, including some at his workplace, Joe Meloche Ford. He hopes it will become an e-book one day as well.

“My plan right now is to turn this into a small series of a few books,” said Massey. The same characters of Chuckles and her dog Boomerang would remain, with new characters and adventures coming along the way.

“I already have two of (the new books) underway,” he said. “There are more characters on the way that will have names.”

Friends are “completely shocked to hear I wrote a book,” Massey added with a laugh, but added “to see something on the world wide web with my name on it is kind of exciting.” While it is on Amazon in Canada and the United States, he said it should also be available in Europe in the coming weeks.

“I’m looking forward to see what happens when that opens up,” said Massey. He stated he would also like to have some put into local daycare facilities.

The cost is $12.95 U.S., with Massey stating the Canadian price fluctuates based on the exchange rate.


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