Fire Prevention Week centres on home escape plans



By Ron Giofu


Fire Prevention Week was held in Amherstburg with efforts focusing on how people can get out of their homes in case of an emergency.

Open houses were held at all three fire stations the week of Oct. 9 with the public getting a chance to view the fire trucks, equipment, receive information and enjoy a hot dog or two.

Jaxon, Quinnly and Gavin Haggarty stand on the front of a fire truck at Amherstburg Fire Station No. 2 during the recent Fire Prevention Week

“The theme this year is ‘Every Second Counts,’” said deputy chief Lee Tome. “We want people to plan to have two ways out of their homes. We’re concentrating on home escape plans.”

Tome said they are encouraging families to sit down and talk about how they would get out of their homes in case of an emergency.

“Have a plan so that if you have a fire, you have a way to get out,” said Tome. “Discuss what to do in the event of a fire in your home. Sit down and talk about a home escape plan.”

Fire Prevention Week was observed earlier this month with the Amherstburg Fire Department holding open houses at all three stations. Joshua Horoky, 5, enjoys his time behind the wheel of a fire truck.

Tome said it is advisable to plan ahead and not wait until an emergency actually happens. It is also a good time to change the batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors and ensure they are in proper working conditions.

“The impact of smoke alarms is something to consider,” said Tome. “If an alarm is activated, it gives the family time to get out before the fire grows.”

Not only should home escape plans be created, Tome encourages families to practice them.

“In the event something happens, practicing it ahead of time gives everyone an opportunity to know what to do,” said Tome.

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