Fern Elliott named Senior of the Year

By Aaron Jahn

The 37th presentation of the Gertie Kilgallin Senior Citizen of the Year was held at the Verdi Club on December 8 with Tom Kilgallin presenting Fern Elliott with the award.

Voted on by members of the Amhestburg Golden Age Club, the award is designed to recognize a person who provides outstanding service and dedication to seniors.  Kilgallin and his family have been providing the award and the plaque each winner receives in honour of his mother.  He said that this year’s recipient was best described with one word.

“Knowing this year’s recipient leads me to an expression that I believe most appropriately applies; leadership,” said kilgallin.  “The nice thing about teamwork within an organization, is that you always have others believing and on your side.”


Fern Eilott, is flanked by Tom and Sandy Kilgallin with the Gertie Kilgallin Senior Citizen of the Year award on December 8.

Elliott had no idea that she was this year’s recipient and was overcome with emotion when her name was announced and members of her family that waited in another room joined her to celebrate.  Elliott has seven children, 29 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren.

“I had no idea, it’s a total surprise, but I enjoy doing what I’m doing,” said Elliott. “It’s awesome, it’s really truly an honour to think that there were that many people that that thought I was worthy of it.  I’ve worked with the last few presidents and  on their committees and I’ve worked the last three years as president and I’ve really enjoyed it.   It’s a good feeling really and truly.”

Elliott who currently serves as the President of the Golden Age Club, spends many hours a week at the Club, either playing cards, preparing for the next event or planning the big dinners and socials, something that she enjoys.

“I didn’t come often until the last eight years. I traveled a lot before, I summered in Bayfield at my home there, but when I sold that I became very active in the club,” says Elliott “I enjoy it, it’s great to see how much the club has progressed since I first joined, we have over 290 members currently.”

“I think it’s awesome that we have somewhere to go, I love to crochet and knit and I do that every morning, but in the afternoon for at least a couple of hours I’m at the club,” said Elliott.  “And my family loves it because the always know where I am.”


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