Extra precautions being taken after flu goes through local elementary school

Anderdon fluBy Ron Giofu


After a flu-bug went through a local elementary school and caused many students to miss time in the classroom, school officials are taking extra precautions to try and curb the problem.

Anderdon Public School principal Kerry Green-Duren confirmed that “a large number” of students had flu-like symptoms and that staff are encouraging parents of students that have suffered from the flu to keep them home an extra day to prevent it from spreading further. The flu is classified as gastrointestinal but Green-Duren said staff – both teaching and custodial – have taken efforts further to keep the school sanitized and germ-free.

Desks are being wiped with Lysol wipes while custodians have been cleaning and sanitizing everything from door knobs to bathrooms in an effort to keep the flu bug at bay.

Notes have also been sent home to parents which included information on flu shot clinics as well as websites and times and locations of the clinics.

“We’ve done everything we possibly could do,” said Green-Duren.

Anderdon Public School has also been working with the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit with Green-Duren noting that during a second visit from the Health Unit that happened “by chance,” the school agreed to participate in a hand washing unit that will go into the classrooms and emphasize hand hygiene throughout the school.


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