Ex-Essex MP seeking political office in Alberta


By Ron Giofu


A former Member of Parliament for Essex is seeking to return to political office, this time in Alberta.

Jeff Watson announced his intentions via Facebook last Wednesday.

“Today, I announce I’m running to become UCP candidate for MLA in Calgary-Peigan!” Watson posted. “Thanks to so many Albertans, in every part of our province, who’ve urged me to step forward, put my experience & record to UCP members.”

Watson served as Essex MP from 2004-15. He has worked with Jason Kenney to unite the conservatives in Alberta and retake control of the province from NDP Premier Rachel Notley since Watson and his family moved west in Nov. 2016.

Former Essex MP Jeff Watson is looking to return to politics. He is running to become UCP candidate for MLA in Calgary-Peigan.

“Cleaning up the Notley NDP mess will require tested, proven, Conservative leadership & experience. As a Conservative MP for 11+ years, I served with Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney, delivering the Alberta Advantage: good jobs, low taxes, less regulation, more pipelines, and surpluses before & after a deep global recession,” Watson stated. “I’m ready, day one, for the tough decisions it will take to get Alberta back on track, to renew our Alberta Advantage.”

Watson and wife Sarah were back in Amherstburg in May to help Progressive Conservative candidate Chris Lewis in Lewis’ bid to unseat NDP MPP Taras Natyshak. Natyshak held on to win in the June 7 Ontario provincial election though the PC’s under Doug Ford won province-wide.

Now, it is Watson’s turn for a campaign of his own.

“I look forward to continuing to meet residents and UCP members in the communities of Calgary-Peigan,” he stated. “For tested, proven, Conservative leadership and experience, I ask UCP members to vote for me, Jeff Watson, your #1 choice to be UCP candidate for MLA, Calgary-Peigan.”


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