Essex Power teams with Blue Line Innovations to assist customers monitor electricity use


Photo courtesy Blue Line Innovations

Photo courtesy Blue Line Innovations

Photo courtesy of Blue Line Innovations

Photo courtesy of Blue Line Innovations

By RTT Staff


Essex Powerlines has teamed with a home energy monitoring company to assist its customers in looking after their own electricity usage.

Essex Powerlines and Blue Line Innovations Inc. have announced that Essex Powerlines customers can receive Blue Line’s in-home energy display for free, when they sign up for Ontario’s “Peaksaver Plus” program. The display can save consumers roughly 10 percent on average on their home energy costs. Blue Line CEO Peter Porteous explained that this is a province-wide service being offered, with local providers such as Enwin and Hydro One also offering it. He said customers would have the energy monitor installed for free with the company stating it can lead to as much as a ten per cent decrease in energy bills.

Porteous said the savings comes in by people being more alert to their usage, how much it costs at a particular period of the day and modifying how much they use energy.

“It allows people to modify their behavior or shift their behavior to off-peak hours,” he said.

Porteous estimates half of the savings people find is through the elimination of “waste” energy, such as leaving electrical items running during the day. He said the amount of energy that is wasted is an eye-opener for many people.

“That number shocks most people,” he said. “Our products help homeowners instantly save money on their electric bill by eliminating waste, and shows the amount of energy consumed, when you think everything is turned off. In addition, through the use of smart data, Blue Line lets consumers see how they can save a significant amount of money through minor tweaks in their electricity usage.”

More than 200,000 Ontario consumers are participating in the “Peaksaver Plus” program.

“Blue-Line’s in-home energy monitor makes it easy to track electricity usage, and make minor shifts in consumption to achieve meaningful savings,” said Marco Calibani, program manager for renewables and sustainability at Essex Powerlines. “We are pleased to offer Blue Line’s in-home display to customers, when they sign up for Peaksaver Plus by calling 519-946-2001.”

“We are delighted with the response to the Peaksaver Plus program, with over 5,600 customers signing up,” said Lawrence Musyj, director of conservation and energy management at Enwin Utilities Ltd. “We encourage all of our customers to register and see how they can immediately start saving.”

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