Essex County Steam & Gas Engine Museum disgusted after recent thefts


entranceBy Ron Giofu


Members of the Essex County Steam & Gas Engine Museum are disheartened and disgusted by some recent thefts from their exhibits.

Three aluminum benches and a lawn tractor used to move children around the ground during events were reported stolen from the Co-An Park grounds, something that upset the club.

“Our club is trying to survive,” said vice president Morris Kurzuk, “and get everything going and then we get these thieves.”

The buildings on site are alarmed but the thefts occurred at outdoor venues and to items stored outside.

“It’s so sad to see things happen like this,” said Kurzuk. “Everyone at the club is so disappointed. It’s depressing.”

Kurzuk said many members of the Essex County Steam & Gas Engine Museum are retirees who try and put on heritage events for the community and events for children. That is what makes the thefts disheartening for members.

“It’s really low. It’s cheap,” said Kurzuk of the thefts. “We’re doing this for the residents out there and for the kids. It’s a heritage thing.”

Provincial Const. Stephanie Moniz said the OPP will beef up patrols in the Co-An Park area. She noted the three aluminum benches had been bolted to wood blocks at the rear of the property with the estimated value of the benches being $800.

There was no dollar value placed on the lawn tractor due to its age, but Moniz noted the tractor had more sentimental value than dollar value.

The thefts were reported last Wednesday morning but were believed to have occurred over the past month. There are no suspects currently but Moniz stated that anyone that has information can contact Essex OPP at 519-738-3796.

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