Essex County municipalities urged to partake in “128 Flags of Remembrance” tribute



By Ron Giofu


Municipalities across Essex County have been urged to participate in a ceremony coming this fall to honour area veterans.

Amherstburg is now one of the municipalities that will contribute towards the event.

Town council passed a motion put forth by Deputy Mayor Bart DiPasquale last Monday night to contribute $1,000 towards sponsoring the event. DiPasquale believed the event would be beneficial for young people as well as those who defended Canada in times of battle.

The Veterans Voice of Canada is presenting a ceremony known as the “128 Flags of Remembrance” Sept. 22 at Ambassador Park in Windsor with Essex County politicians being invited to be part of the event. Those same Essex County representatives were also encouraged to bring a sponsorship request back to their respective councils during a recent meeting of county council.

Michael Beale and Suzanne Allison represented the Veterans Voice of Canada group at a recent meeting of Essex County council. Beale said each Canadian flag represents 1,000 fallen Canadians who served Canada from the start of the 20th Century to date.

“We want to honour all who served Canada,” Beale told county council.

Suzanne Allison and Michael Beale recently addressed Essex County council with regards to the Sept. 22 “128 Flags of Remembrance” tribute that will be taking place at Assumption Park in Windsor.

The flags will be dedicated in recognition of a veteran and donors have the ability to have a flag dedicated in the name of the veteran of their choosing.

“Quite frankly, it is a celebration of life,” said Beale.

Beale and Allison were hopeful each mayor and/or deputy mayor could bring the matter to each of their seven municipalities.

“We’d like to have you as an integral part of what we are doing,” Beale told county council members.

Tecumseh Mayor Gary McNamara noted the sacrifices made by veterans have made Canada what it is today. He stated he had a veteran in mind, and stated he was willing to donate as much as $1,000.

“I’m so pleased to be a Canadian and proud to be Canadian because of the people who defended our rights and freedoms,” said McNamara.

Warden Tom Bain stated that the County of Essex would sponsor one of the 128 Canadian flags.

The Sept. 22 “128 Flags of Remembrance” ceremony gets underway at 1 p.m. To honour a veteran by sponsoring a flag, call 519-945-2867 or e-mail

For more information on the Veterans Voice of Canada, visit

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