English style pub to open soon

By Joel Charron

It took a conversation with a friend from Hamilton for Anthony Mancini to realize Amherstburg was missing something.

That something is an Old English Style pub.

“I felt there was something missing in an old historic town like Amherstburg,” said Mancini. “Amherstburg needed a English style pub.”

After speaking with his brother-in-law Quoc To about his idea, To was on board, all they needed was the “perfect” location.

Anthony Mancini and Quoc To are hoping Lord Amherst will be Amherstburg’s missing piece

While walking out of the Kings Navy Yard Park entrance at Dalhousie St. and Murray St. with their family, the two stumbled upon a building for lease on the corner of the intersection.

“As soon as I saw that building I told Anthony that building would be perfect for our idea,” said To.

Mancini agreed and inquired about purchasing the building instead of leasing it.

“After looking at it and deciding that because of all the renovation we would have to make it would better to buy it than lease it,” said Mancini.

Thus, 273 Dalhousie St. would be transformed into Lord Amherst Public House.

Lord Amherst will feature a full menu chock full of English style grub. Orillia native Ryan Hatton, who has a number of year experience working resorts in Banff, will run the kitchen.

“He’s a fantastic chef with lots of knowledge of his craft,” said Mancini. “It will be a full service menu, falling inline with the British pub theme.

To help run the front of the house, Mancini and to have enlisted the help of Willy Krahn. Krahn brings 10 years of experience in the restaurant/hospitality industry.

“He has the perfect personality for what we want in our pub,” said Mancini.

Lord Amherst will feature roughly 10 imported and domestic beers on tap and a combination of 14 imported and domestic bottles. Of course they will also feature an assortment of hard liquor for those who don’t fancy a frothy beverage.

The business partners have kept renovations a secret, by blocking the windows and door. To said it is to build some anticipation, as well as creating some mystery on how the pub is going to actually look like.

Mancini and To said they choose the name “Lord Amherst” because they wanted to create a pub and a atmosphere inline with what Amherstburg is all about.

“Lord Amherst was a large part of the history of this town so we thought it was the perfect name to give us that British pub feel,” said Mancini.

Lord Amherst is slated to open its doors the week after Easter.

“It’s an exciting time,” said To. “We hear on the street that people are excited for us to open and we are excited to open for the people.”

“We’re trying to create something special for Amherstburg,” said Mancini. “We want a place so when people from out of town come here they will think Lord Amherst has been here for years.”

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  1. Siu says:

    They now have a website! http://www.lordamherst.ca