Election audit committee approved with mayor off committee


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The original recommendation for Election Audit Committee did not come to pass as one of the applicants reportedly changed his mind.

What was significant is that the applicant was outgoing mayor Wayne Hurst.

Manager of municipal governance Paula Parker said she received word Monday afternoon that Hurst had changed his mind about being on the committee. She contacted Chris Gibb, owner of Gibb Insurance and interim president of the Amherstburg Chamber of Commerce, who accepted.

Parker said the town received no response to an ad that was placed and she had to reach out to two others, those being Joe Gorski and Robin Hall. She said those two fit the requirements being sought as Gorski has a financial background through his ownership of Gorski Trucking and other small businesses while Hall is a deputy clerk in Essex. All committee members are Amherstburg residents, Parker said.

Hurst’s original inclusion was an eye-opener for some, part of the reason being that his appointment would have been contrary to rules found on the town’s website for the committee. The town’s website quotes the Municipal Act, which states the committee shall not include “members of the council or local board or “any persons who are candidates in the election for which the committee is established.”

Hurst was also taken before the Election Audit Committee formed to look at the 2010 election by Jason Lavigne, who ran that year and is also running for a councillor’s seat this year. Lavigne questioned why Hurst was recommended in the first place and sent an e-mail to council to alert them about the rules. He also questioned why he felt had to advise the town on the rules of the matter.

“I’m glad they did the right thing in the end but I’m dismayed it got to this point,” said Lavigne.

Hurst left town hall Monday night before media could get a comment.

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