Elderly reportedly preyed on by telephone scammers


Aburg Police Logo Rev-webBy Ron Giofu


Elaine Girard spent much of last week trying to ensure her mother’s bank account and assets were protected.

The reason those efforts were made was because Girard’s 81-year-old mother fell victim to a phone call from an unknown person claiming to be her grandson. According to Girard, the caller told her mother that the caller identified himself simply as her grandson and was crying as he recounted a car accident he was supposedly in. The caller soon turned the scam over to another person, claiming to be a public defender who asked for money and personal information in order to keep the victim’s grandson free of charges.

“It was a scam because her grandson hadn’t been in an accident,” said Girard.

Girard’s mother gave out her social insurance number but when she told the callers that she was on a fixed income and couldn’t afford the $2,000 they were asking for, the callers lost interest.

Girard and her mother soon learned others in her apartment building had been contacted by the same people, with one of the neighbours stating they had been asked for $4,800.

Since then, Girard’s mother has had to have her SIN protected and has also had to meet with her bank to watch out for suspicious activity. The matter is also being investigated by the Amherstburg Police Service.

The number on the caller ID came up as 000-000-0000, said Girard.

“I’m just so angry at these people,” said Girard. “It’s maddening and upsetting to my mom.”

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