Draw winners announced for “Walk Across Essex County” Community Challenge

The first draw winners from the town recreation department’s “Walk Across Essex County” Community Challenge have been announced

The March 13 Prize Draw winner was Aimee Bellefleur (no photo). Aimee won a PowerockRed Portable Charge Pack.
The April 3 Prize Draw Winner was Grace Ruhland (pictured). Grace won a $50 Canadian Tire Gift Card.

Grace Ruhland

Grace Ruhland

The “Walk Across Essex County” challenge is now open to residents and non-residents alike with draws running through July 4 if certain targets are hit by walkers. Kristen Saunders, recreation program co-ordinator, said it is a “virtual walk” where people are invited to keep track of their daily steps, record them, and if they walk enough steps they can be eligible for prizes.

People can register for free at the Libro Centre or do so online at recreation@amherstburg.ca. People can e-mail their progress from their fitness tracker (i.e. a “Fit Bit” or app on their smart phone) or they can sign out a pedometer for use at the Libro Centre.

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