Donation of $25,000 from area law firm

By Karen Fallon

With a donation of $25,000 in-hand Tom Porter and Rick Dinham, from Mousseau, DeLuca, McPherson, Prince, Barristers and Solicitors, made a contribution to the town’s United Communities Credit Union Complex on May 9.

The money, “from one of the areas longest established law firms” will be used for a reception counter and dressing room at the new complex, says Debi Croucher, fundraising coordinator for the municipality.

Tom Porter (L) and Rick Dinham (R) from Mousseau DeLuca McPherson Prince Barristers & Solicitors donated $25,000 to the United Communities Credit Union Complex and presented the cheque to Amherstburg Mayor Wayne Hurst May 9.

Armando DeLuca, the town’s former solicitor who passed away in March, was a partner with the law firm Mousseau DeLuca McPherson Prince, and was remembered by Croucher, Porter and Dinham in connection with the donation.

Armando DeLuca was well loved, says Croucher. “His passing was a great loss to us all.”

Porter says: “Senior partner Armando DeLuca,” was proud of his contribution of providing legal services to the municipality.

“We are hoping to continue those traditions. Rick, Armando and I have been partners for the past thirty years,” said Porter. “For twenty of those years we have been providing legal services to the town.”

Dinham says DeLuca would have been “pleased” to have been a part of the presentation to council.

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