DiCarlo seeking a second term as Amherstburg mayor



By Ron Giofu


Four years ago, Aldo DiCarlo didn’t enter the mayor’s race until late in the nomination period.

Now, he hopes doing the opposite will bring him similar results.

DiCarlo is running for a second term as mayor of Amherstburg and filed his paperwork shortly after the nomination period opened last Tuesday morning. He acknowledged he was doing the “opposite of last time, (and) being the first one in the door was my goal.”

Noting there are a number of initiatives “on the go,” DiCarlo said he wants to see them through to conclusion.

“I would like to see the positive momentum the town has had lately continue,” he said. “There are some new projects coming on line that I would like to be a part of.”

A pair of the projects DiCarlo cited as being excited about include the new public high school going into Centennial Park and the seniors’ hub in the former St. Bernard School.

“I think the town is definitely in need of more services for the growing seniors population,” DiCarlo stated.

When he first filed in 2014, the town’s finances were far and away the focal point of residents.

“The only way we could get in the media was for negative reasons, it seemed,” he recalled.

DiCarlo said while the town isn’t out of the woods yet, he believes things have improved and pointed out the town is able to pay cash for projects “which would have been unheard of back then.”

Town council is a more respectful place and there is a more positive atmosphere in the council chambers.

Mayor Aldo DiCarlo is seeking a second term as Mayor of Amherstburg.

Goals for the future include ensuring that a hotel, perhaps even two, come to Amherstburg. That ties into another goal of bringing more people to town. Aside from the bed and breakfasts, DiCarlo said “the issue is that there are no places to stay.”

If there are opportunities for visitors to stay overnight, that will lead to more money for local businesses, he believed.

Attracting new development is another goal, noting the new apartment building on Pickering Dr. as an example of local development. More development will assist with another goal, which is keeping taxes at a reasonable level.

“The more people paying taxes lessens the burden for everybody,” said DiCarlo.

Expanding local festivals is another objective, pointing out the Amherstburg Uncommon Festival is coming this August.

DiCarlo acknowledged his controversial vote to contract out policing to the Windsor Police Service is still not popular with some residents. He defended it by saying the town will not see a reduction in police services and that most of the people he spoke with either supported the switch or were at least OK with it. He said he wants to stick around to ensure service levels stay where they are and that he has a good relationship with officials in Windsor.

“That affords me the opportunity to make sure Amherstburg residents are taken care of,” he said.

A number of services are already shared, he pointed out, including IT, ambulance and waste services.

“We already share quite a bit with the rest of the region,” he said.

DiCarlo said he believes in being held accountable for the decisions he was a part of.

“My simple message is if you like what you’ve seen the last three-and-a-half years, expect more of the same,” he said. “If not, don’t vote for me because plan to continue with what I’ve been doing.”

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