Developers proposing new condominium development for town



By Ron Giofu


The area of Sandwich St. S. and Fort St. may have a new look soon if local developers have their way.

Developer Dr. Dante Capaldi and realtor Ron Deneau appeared before town council Monday night to introduce elected officials to a new condominium project they are proposing. Their hope is to construct a 24-unit, three-storey condominium building at the southeast corner of Sandwich St. S. and Fort St.

“We have owned the property on Fort St. and Sandwich St. for 20 years,” said Capaldi.

Dr. Dante Capaldi and Ron Deneau appeared before town council to introduce them to a new 24-unit condominium project that is being proposed for the corner of Sandwich St. S. and Fort St. (Special to the RTT)

Each unit would be approximately 1,100 square feet and generate about $60,000 in property taxes for the town, said Capaldi. The estimated value of the building would be $6 million with Capaldi adding it would have “a major economic impact on the community and local businesses.”

Councillor Diane Pouget wondered how many homes would have to be torn down.

“I’m not opposed to it but I need to know the answer,” she said.

Capaldi said three existing homes would have to be demolished to accommodate the building. He added they still have to work with administration and go through the process before a shovel goes into the ground.

“With the assistance of administration, we will work towards applying for site-specific zoning which is required,” said Capaldi. “We’re anxious to get this started.”

Councillor Rick Fryer welcomed the development and believed it will enhance the downtown area of Amherstburg.

Pictured is a drawing of how a new condominium project would be situated at the corner of Sandwich St. S. and Fort St. (Special to the RTT)

“This will be an apartment building that is in walking distance of most amenities,” said Fryer.

Deneau said most of the condominium units will likely sell in the mid-$200,000 range, adding that it has been over 15 years since such a development came along. He added they are not sure of timelines just yet but they have already had interest.

About eight to ten of the 24 units are “somewhat committed already,” Deneau said, even though they haven’t officially gone to market with the project yet.

“The town is ready to explode,” said Deneau. “This will allow people to live right downtown. We weren’t even talking about it and we’ve got this much interest.”

“It appeals to the retirees, in my estimation, and younger couples as well,” added Capaldi.

If approved and built, the condominiums would each feature two bedrooms and two baths.

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