Department of Fisheries and Oceans does work on Boblo Dock


By Ron Giofu

The federal government has done some work to the former Boblo dock.

Spokesperson Rosaleen O’Mahony stated that during the week of September 17, Fisheries and Oceans Canada removed the metal roofing panels from the Boblo Island ferry dock “in order to address potential health and safety concerns. Strong winds had previously dislodged and blown several roof panels into the river, causing safety concerns for boaters.”

O’Mahony stated that removing the roofing panels has eliminated this concern.

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans recently removed metal roofing panels from the former Boblo dock on Front Road South.

“A final decision on ownership is not anticipated before spring of 2020, as the potential use of Boblo dock for operations is part of an on-going multi-year, strategic infrastructure assessment being undertaken by the Canadian Coast Guard,” she stated in an e-mail to the River Town Times.

Town council has, on numerous occasions, expressed their concerns about the dock’s condition, the most recent occasion being in April.

“As the current owners of the dock, the structural deficiency of the Boblo dock is a concern to Fisheries and Oceans Canada,” O’Mahony also stated. “While the decision to repair or remove the structure cannot be made at present, the Department will continue to monitor the site and ensure it doesn’t pose any threat to the health and safety of the community or the environment. Public access will remain restricted in the interest of public safety.”

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