Decision on 2016 SOE Wine Festival could come in March



By Ron Giofu


The question of whether or not a 2016 Shores of Erie International Wine Festival will be held could be answered in early March.

A pre-trial hearing that was scheduled for last Wednesday has been remanded until March 10 and, depending on what happens then, a decision might be forthcoming as to whether the wine festival will be a go or not this year.

“The committee is waiting to see the outcome of March 10 to see if we can move ahead,” said SOE wine festival committee chair Karen Gyorgy.

Gyorgy said she is unable to say yes or no at this point as to whether the festival can occur this year.

(Special to the RTT)

(Special to the RTT)

“We’re in limbo right now,” she said.

While charges against individual committee members were dropped last year, there is still the matter of dealing with the charges facing the corporation, Gyorgy noted. She said she has run into people in the public who think the whole matter has been dropped but she said that is not so as the corporation still has its legal matters to tend to.

“It’s still very much active at the moment,” said Gyorgy. “Although the personal charges were dropped, we’re still very much in it. It hasn’t been let go.”

The last time the Shores of Erie International Wine Festival was held was in 2014. A fatal car crash Sept. 6 of that year which claimed the life of Emily Bernauer of LaSalle resulted in the legal issues the wine festival now faces and forced the cancellation of the 2015 wine festival.

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