Davies aiming to move up from councillor to deputy mayor


Councillor Carolyn Davies is running for deputy mayor in the Oct. 27 municipal election.

Councillor Carolyn Davies is running for deputy mayor in the Oct. 27 municipal election.

By Ron Giofu


Councillor Carolyn Davies said she has learned a lot in her four years on council and is now looking to move up.

Davies is running for deputy mayor in the Oct. 27 municipal election, stating she has been encouraged by friends and small business owners to run.

“I know I have the ability to do the job of deputy mayor,” said Davies. “I’ve gained tremendous experience in the last four years on council.”

Davies believes she has good listening skills, good critical thinking skills and problem solving abilities, skills she thinks will help her as she seeks the deputy mayor’s job.

Noting she is a small business owner as well as a co-owner of the Bondy House Bed and Breakfast, she said she has a good relationship with other small business owners in town. She is confident there will be more investment in the next four years and that such investments and amenities as the Libro Centre and the Amherstburg Family Health Team are attracting people to Amherstburg.

With the town’s financial issues being major factors in this year’s election, Davies believed council has made strives in improving things. She said the town had been using “antiquated ways that are doing the budget” and said those are no longer happening. Davies added the town has gone “180 degrees on how we report” to council.

“I do believe I have to take full responsibility for the situation and it’s my job to correct it and not allow old reporting practices to continue,” she stated.

Davies said she is “very much looking forward to the municipal affairs report” on the town’s finances and predicted it will recommend the town should perform practices it has already adopted.

“I credit this council in picking up on the problem and being very aggressive in solving the problem,” said Davies.

Other goals Davies has includes trying to secure a transit system for residents.

“I’m really concerned about solidifying a means of transport to get residents back-and-forth to Windsor and other parts of the area,” she said.

A transit service could also allow out-of-town residents to “take advantage of our community,” she added.

Having Amherstburg as a town that stores energy is something she has been working on for over two years, she added. Helping small businesses grow and attracting more small businesses is key, Davies said. Making sure the town is accessible to people with special needs is another priority, she added.

The town’s infrastructure is in good shape, she added, believing it to be better than other municipalities in the region.

“We, as a council, have to do our job and I will do my job to speak positively and enthusiastically to promote our town,” said Davies. “That’s what people are listening for. I think people want a positive approach to leadership. We can address our challenges but address them in a way that has a good resolution.”

Bringing a sense of teamwork is something Davies believes she can add as deputy mayor, adding she is willing to work with whomever is elected to town council and Essex County council.

Davies and former councillor John Menna are the two candidates seeking the position, as of press time.  Ron Sutherland, the current deputy mayor, is running for mayor.

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