Cutting expenditures to handle financial situation, restoring stability priorities for McLean


Darryl McLean is running for a seat as a town councillor in the Oct. 27 election. He is the financial secretary for Unifor Local 2027.

Darryl McLean is running for a seat as a town councillor in the Oct. 27 election. He is the financial secretary for Unifor Local 2027.

By Ron Giofu


Darryl McLean is hoping to bring the financial experience he has gained through the labour movement to the town council table.

McLean is seeking the position of town councillor in the Oct. 27 municipal election and noted he has long had an interest in politics. He believes his background with Unifor Local 2027 will help him, as he has been involved with the union for 17 years, with 13 of those years seeing him be the financial secretary.

“Part of that job is the maintaining records of all income and expenditures, issuing payment for all bills and preparing quarterly audits,” said McLean. “I feel that will help me to have some insight into the operations of town hall and financial questions we don’t have the answers for right now.”

The town’s current financial situation and debt level are two of McLean’s biggest priorities because he said it is an issue that impacts every person in the community.

“That’s going to affect us all,” said McLean. “It’s affecting our home values. The way people see the town of Amherstburg is not in a positive light. That’s unfortunate because we have a beautiful town here.”

Another priority McLean says he has is to stabilize things at town hall.

“We need stability with the top officers at town hall,” said McLean. “We can’t have a revolving door of CAO’s anymore.”

The way out of the financial situation the town is in is not through tax increases, he added, stating that cutting expenditures is the way to go.

“Our tax level is high enough,” said McLean.

McLean believes the “most glaring deficit” is at the Libro Centre.

“It has to be run far more efficiently,” he said.

Reviewing staffing levels are another item on McLean’s to-do list. As for funding infrastructure and other projects, he said the town must have “a good percentage of the money” on hand before beginning.

“Going forward, it is important to adopt a pay-as-you-go policy for future projects,” he stated.

Cohesion on town council is another issue for McLean, as he believed the betterment of Amherstburg always has to come first.

“The next council has to be willing to work together for the betterment of Amherstburg, so (residents) all feel inclusive of the process,” said McLean. “A lot of people are frustrated in Amherstburg now and it’s something we shouldn’t have.”

McLean said he decided to run for council over the Labour Day weekend after considering it for several months. Although it is early in his campaign, he reports receiving positive feedback from the residents he has spoken to.

“People seem to be quite concerned with our financial situation and level of expenditures we have in certain departments,” he stated.

McLean added: “I will be accessible. I will be willing to talk to people about the issues. My priority will be the stability of Amherstburg.”


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