County, member municipalities receive legacy gas tax funding



By Ron Giofu


Essex County and its seven member municipalities will be receiving some extra cash thanks to the redistribution of legacy gas tax funds.

Essex County council approved a report from director of corporate services/treasurer Rob Maisonville as well as the associated bylaws which sees the funding distributed to the seven municipalities. Maisonville said while the split between counties and member municipalities is generally 50/50, the agreed to split between Essex County and its seven municipalities is 80/20 with 80 per cent split between the seven municipalities.

In all, the county received $95,656 and retains $38,262.40 after the redistribution to the seven municipalities. Lakeshore is the lower tier municipality that receives the most at $29,750.40 with LaSalle receiving $24,667.20 and Leamington $24,460.80. Tecumseh will receive $20,332.80.


Amherstburg’s share will be $18,563.20 while Kingsville will get $18,396. Essex is slated to receive $16,878.40.

Maisonville said gas tax allocations have gone up slightly in recent years and the county has to use its share for a specific department.

“For county purposes, it’s always roads,” he said.

The federal government allocated about $30.2 million nationally with $10.9 million coming to Ontario and distributed through the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO). Maisonville added in a report to county council that AMO redistributes money to municipalities on a per capita basis, which amounts to 54 cents per each person.

“The distribution of payments to municipalities was delivered on a per capita based, using 2011 Census data,” Maisonville’s report states.

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