County council to receive report on funding and cost distribution of EMS services



By Ron Giofu


Amherstburg council and their Essex County colleagues will soon be getting more answers regarding EMS funding and service.

Essex County council directed its administration to provide an information report regarding funding and cost distribution of EMS services. That motion was passed last Wednesday night but stemmed from an original request from Amherstburg council in April.

County council had deferred the matter from its June 7 meeting. County CAO Brian Gregg believed the request from Amherstburg will be covered in a comprehensive report.

“Does Amherstburg feel they paying too much or not enough for EMS services?” asked Leamington Mayor John Paterson.


“The simple answer is we don’t know,” responded Amherstburg Mayor Aldo DiCarlo.

Noting that all municipalities don’t have tiered response, DiCarlo noted that “a lot of money” is spent by Amherstburg to send its firefighters out on medical calls while an ambulance was delayed. He didn’t begrudge any municipality for not having a tiered system with its fire department, but believed the cost issues need to be investigated further.

“At some point, we are going to have to address this,” said DiCarlo.

The issue should be addressed at “an EMS level,” he believed, adding that if they are short ambulances, the solution could be to add more ambulances.

“If we have to add more ambulances, so be it,” said DiCarlo.

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