Councillor interested in four-way stop at Texas Road and Thomas Road intersection



By Ron Giofu


A town councillor is passing along concerns about a local intersection, as speeds have become a factor in the area.

Councillor Joan Courtney voiced concerns over the intersection of Texas Road and Thomas Road/Concession 2 North at a special council meeting held late last Thursday afternoon. Courtney said noted there is a stop for drivers heading east and west along Texas Road but no stop sign for drivers heading north and south on Concession 2 North with the latter turning into Thomas Road at that intersection.

Courtney wondered if a four-way stop at that intersection was a solution.

“Is it feasible? Should I ask for a report?” asked Courtney.

Mayor Aldo DiCarlo pointed out that Concession 2 North/Thomas Road is also a county road in that area so the County of Essex would also have to be involved in the process.

Councillor Joan Courtney raised the issue of looking into a four-way stop at Texas Road and Concession 2 North/Texas Road.

Director of planning, development and legislative services Mark Galvin pointed out that a four-way stop can’t simply be installed, there has to be warrants that justify it before a four-way stop can be put in place.

Additional signage in the area advising people of the speed limits could help slow people down, he suggested.

“It tends to decrease the speeds,” said Galvin.

Courtney also questioned the status of the LED street lighting project along Front Road North between Ranta Marina and Malden Road. Manager of engineering Todd Hewitt said it was a struggle to find an electrical engineer but now they are working with Fieldcraft Engineering on the project.

Hewitt stated that lighting levels have to be studies with costs also having to be obtained from Hydro One.

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