Council declares entire Navy Yard Park as heritage site



By Ron Giofu


Remaining portions of the King’s Navy Yard Park that hadn’t already been declared as heritage sites have now been designated as such.

Town council voted to declare portions of the Navy Yard Park that weren’t previously designated as heritage sites during their most recent regular meeting. Councillor Diane Pouget brought the issue forward, stating there were remaining public lands that hadn’t received formal heritage designation in the past.

An entrance to King’s Navy Yard Park, as seen during last Thursday’s snowfall. (Amherstburg tourism department photo)

An entrance to King’s Navy Yard Park, as seen during last Thursday’s snowfall. (Amherstburg tourism department photo)

Pouget said the town’s heritage committee had raised the issue late last year and believed it was “very important for council to address.” She believed formal designation will prove useful as the town advances in the Communities in Bloom competition, noting heritage attributes played a factor in the town receiving “five blooms” in last year’s provincial competition.

“I think this is very, very important because we are entering the Communities in Bloom national competition,” said Pouget.

Councillor Leo Meloche wasn’t sure if council had all the information it needed in terms of the park’s historical attributes to make a decision that night but Pouget said the park has a tremendous history as it was one of the first locations for settlers in Amherstburg.

“It was a boat yard. Many years later, it was a coal yard,” she said. “It was an integral part of the beginning of Amherstburg.”

Paul Hertel, a member of the town’s heritage committee, believed there was sufficient information to develop an appendix to a bylaw to provide the information Meloche was looking for.

“The heritage of this site consists of many parts of the town crest,” Hertel stated.

Councillor Rick Fryer noted prior developments in the vicinity factored in the heritage of the area, such as the Salmoni Condominiums. He said that site received a heritage designation not for the building, but for the site it sits on.

“This is to protect our heritage and to designate our heritage,” said Pouget.

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