Corey Meloche’s memory kept alive with memorial walk-a-thon

By Joel Charron

Corey Meloche’s spirit was alive, well and celebrated as over 120 people attended a walk-a-thon in her name at Toddy Jones Park, Saturday morning.

Many of the bubbly crowd were friends and family members of the vibrant, young mother who tragically passed away in a snowmobile accident 17 months ago.

Scott McRorie and Michelle Pouget-Peters of the Amherstburg Running Club put the  2nd Annual Corey Meloche Walk-a-Thon together.

The event raised over $1,200, which will be put towards a memorial bursary and be given to a General Amherst student, who is pursuing a career in early childhood education (ECE). Corey was attending St. Clair College in the ECE program at the time of her death.

Dan and Darlene Meloche push Ben along in his toy car as he flashes a thumbs up Saturday morning

“This was something that meant a lot to her and this is a great way to keep her memory alive,” saidCorey’s father, Dan

As attendees waited for the walk-a-thon to begin, many shared memories of Corey as they stared at the photo collage that was on display.

Corey’s parents, Darlene and Dan said they were shocked at how many people attended and added that they were very happy that McRorie and Pouget-Peters wanted to continue the walk-a-thon.

“We’re just so happy that Scott and Michelle wanted to do this again,” said Darlene. “

Corey’s son Ben, who was one-year old at the time of her accident, was also in attendance. Darlene said Ben recognizes his mothers picture and blows kisses when they drive past the cemetery where Corey is buried. She also mentioned that Ben was aware that Saturday’s walk-a-thon was in his mother’s name.

“He knows who his momma is. We tell him that everything is for momma,” said Darlene.

McRorie mentioned that the walk-a-thon has created quite the buzz in the community, stating that they wanted to give back to General Amherst, as sports and school were a large part in Corey’s life.

“It helps keep Corey’s memory alive in the community. It’s important for the family,” said McRorie.

The General Amherst Lady Gens hockey team hosted a post-walk barbecue. According to Lady Gens head coach Dan Pettypiece, Corey was the driving force in assembling the Lady Gens hockey team.

“She was the catalyst for the hockey team being here,” said Pettypiece. “Our main concern when Corey passed was to keep her memory alive for all she had done for the school.”

Pettypiece said as long as he is involved with Lady Gens hockey he will keep Corey’s memory alive. The team has placed Corey’s number 11 on their jerseys and the younger players who are coming onto the team know the significance of that number.

“That number will always be synonymous with her and her memory,” he said.

Pettypiece said when Corey was assembling the team, she recruited anyone who was remotely interested in girl’s hockey.

“Without her drive and determination we would never have the team,” he said. “She got everyone she could to come out. She was like a bulldog gathering up everyone.”

Members of the Lady Gens hockey team know how important it is to keep her memory alive.

Stacee Pettypiece, who current plays on the team and knew Corey said all the people who attended the walk-a-thon is just a testament to what a good person she was.

“To see all these people, including our team, to come together for her is truly a wonderful sight,” said Stacee.

Although Corey’s death was devastating, Stacee said it brought the team closer together.

Teammate Tally Holzel didn’t know Corey personally but acknowledges her efforts in founding the team.

“If she didn’t create the team, I wouldn’t be here,” said Holzel.

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