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5 responses to “Contact us”

  1. Mary Anne Laframboise says:

    I want to thank the AMG and author John Schlarbaum for giving us the opportunity to participate in the enjoyable and entertaining interactive “Killer of 1812 Mystery Event” on the evening of Saturday, September 22. This was a wonderful idea and I would love to participate in an outdoor activity of this kind again. Can it happen?

  2. Joe Varacalli says:

    Time To Wake Up Canada!

    I have been following the automotive industry’s negotiations and discussions for several weeks now. Some people get it, some don’t. This ‘race to the bottom’ economy continues to be fuelled and generated by the declining support of our greedy elected politicians and their drive to supplement their ‘wants’ alongside their desire to satisfy the CEO’s of many large companies.
    What they (whether intentional or not) keep forgetting is that the WORKING CLASS of Canada have sacrificed their family life for many generations so that these conglomerates may bathe in their profits.
    The CAW’s national president, Ken Lewenza, although touted by many to be a very political persona, has had the drive and determination to continue to bring to light the truth.
    The sacrifices of many generations of working Canadian families have more than contributed to the successes of government, large and small companies. Let’s not forget all the ‘Ma and Pa’ shops that have weaved the fabric of the Canadian economy for many, many years. Today, that very fabric is being shredded at an alarming rate by global greed along with the WTO (World Trade Organization).
    Although we as a nation have been successful in attaining a decent quality of life when compared globally, we are being driven to accept third world economics by our political leaders. If only these very same political leaders would step up to the plate and stop the ‘shredding’ of our fabric by taking a stance against these bullying World leaders and the WTO, we might stand a chance at a sustainable quality of life.
    Most of the big corporations are struggling to survive globally because of these global economic pressures. We get that.
    Imagine what the Canadian economic future would be like if only our elected politicians, big industry CEO’s and profit-munching individuals would redistribute a percentage of their wealth within Canada and its industries, enforcing a larger percentage of Canadian content in all our products, like other prospering countries are allowed to do under WTO regulations.
    We MUST, as united Canadians, force our political leaders to implement a sensible automotive and industrial national policy that would protect and create good, sensible Canadian jobs for our future generations.
    Everything has a cycle. If we continue to allow the powers that be to make our decisions for us, well, me must accept what comes our way. Whereas if we take a stand nationally united, we can make a difference and climb that curve to where we should be – a sustainable country with a balanced economy. WAKE UP CANADA!

    Joe Varacalli, Amherstburg

  3. jodi says:

    I would like to thank everyone who became involved in my accident on Dec 31, 2013. Being New years eve I know the emergency crews would have a busy night ahead of them. I feel humbled and grateful. They were so professional and courteous giving me great confidence in our emergency system and rescue crews. Thanks to all, especially Brad Paquette and Trevor (paramedic). “Chivelery is not dead” and I know I had an angel (Mom) looking out for me. Sincerely, Jodi Faucher

  4. MIKE says:

    Hey just wanted to say Im starting a public forum for Amherstburg so there is a place where people can come together and chat about anything going on outdoors. Check out my forum if you’re interested I have only just begun but I will be added and taking suggestions.

  5. Pam Egervari says:

    I go to aqua fitness classes every morning. There are still a few ladies in the class who used to be in the “Amherstburg Aquabelles”. I thought it would be nice if anyone had photos of these ladies years ago, to submit them to the Rivertown Times so a story about them could be published. Can you imagine their surprise to read about themselves, and stir up some happy memories

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