New consignment shop opens in Amherstburg



By Jolene Perron


After 40 years, an Amherstburg local has returned to her hometown to open a new consignment business.

“I kept looking in my closet and seeing things with price tags on it and I knew I wasn’t the only one,” said Déjà Vu New 2 owner Kimberly Malega Renaud. “Everybody needs a good deal on clothes.”

The name of her business, Déjà Vu New 2 comes from her two-part business strategy. The first, Déjà Vu meaning seen before is the consignment part of her business. She explained, customers can bring in their items and she will try to resell them for the customer.

Kimberly Malega Renaud (right) stands with her supporter and friend Tracey Jamieson (left) while deputy mayor Bart DiPasquale cuts the ribbon during her grand opening Nov. 23.

“I make a little money you make a little money and you can keep changing your closet around,” said Malega Renaud. “You make an appointment, you come in, we only take up to 25 items maximum 5 pieces of jewellery and we stay in season so right now is fall and winter. It’s a 60/40 split, 60 for the store, 40 for you. I keep your items for no more than 90 days and we try to market and sell them for you to make a little extra cash.”

She added, if they don’t sell, the customer has a choice whether to donate the item or pick it up.

The second part of the business name, New 2, explains how she is mixing new items with the “previously loved ones.”

The business has been open since Nov. 1, and she said the response has been fantastic.

“I personally just love it,” said Deputy Mayor Bart DiPasquale. “I see people that I’ve never seen before and they’re all very interested in our community they want to know here. Everybody, even at the Town Hall, they are more than accommodating to everybody that comes in. Hopefully it’s going to take off and start bouncing other things. That’s what happens, one thing happens, then something else happens, and good things start to happen.”

For more information about Déjà Vu New 2, call the shop at 519-713-9440 or visit their location at 111 Sandwich St. S.

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