Conservatives to bring respectability to Ontario’s private section job creation says Brister

By Joel Charron

In his latest campaign stop, Progressive Conservative MPP Essex candidate Dave Brister spoke on how an Ontario PC government will make Ontario a national leader in private sector job creation once again.

“Ontario was once the envy of Canada when it came to creating private sector jobs,” said Brister. “We were the economic engine of confederation, then something went horribly wrong.”

Brister said that during the global recession, Ontario “fell harder, further, faster than everyone else.”

Progressive Conservative MPP Essex candidate Dave Brister speaks about making Ontario a leader in private sector job creation once again.

A press release circulated by Brister’s campaign noted that the PC’s Changebook’s job commitments include reducing the business tax burden to 10 per cent, treating energy policy as an economic policy and “ending the expensive energy experiments that drive up hydro bills,” unplugging Dalton McGuinty’s “smart meter tax machines” and allowing small businesses to decide if   ‘Time of Use’ pricing is right for them, eliminating job-killing red-tape and reducing the regulatory burden by 30 per cent, putting more money in the hands of consumers by removing the HST from hydro and home heating bills, eliminating the debt retirement charge, and reducing income taxes.

“We are driven by one goal, making Ontario Canada’s leader in private sector job creation, once again,” Brister stated.

Brister recalled a recent encounter with an Essex County resident who after 12 year working with a local auto supplier, where he earned over $80,000 a year, until being laid off three years ago.

“Since that time he has gone through his savings and is currently enrolled in a retraining program which restricts the amount of income he’s allowed to earn while attending school,” explained Brister. “When I spoke to him on a Friday, he has 73 cents left in his bank account that had to last him to the following Tuesday, with four mouths to feed.”

“He told me he never thought he would find himself in that position and I’ve spoke to many more who could find themselves in the same position at any moment,” he continued. “This is the new reality, for many in Dalton McGuinty’s Ontario.”

Under Dalton McGuinty, Ontario has lost 300,000 manufacturing jobs and fallen into “have-not” status, the PC candidate states. In addition to his record sales, income, and corporate tax increases, Brister said the premier has “presided over eight separate hydro rate increases, and allowed a red tape burden to spiral out of control – costing Ontario business $11 billion per year.

“Ontario families have been hit with countless tax hikes and skyrocketing hydro bills,” stated Brister. “On Oct. 6, families will have a clear choice. Dalton McGuinty and the NDP, who will raise taxes, increase red tape, and create more roadblocks to job creation or a Tim Hudak government that will focus on making Ontario the leader in private sector job creation by cutting red tape, lowering business taxes, and treating energy policy like economic policy.”

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