Conservation program at AMA Sportsmen’s Club gives wood ducks new homes


By Joel Charron

The AMA Sportsmen’s Club is looking to give a boost to the southwestern Ontario wood duck population.

This past Saturday morning, children, along with their parents and grandparents helped construct roughly 28 wooden duck nesting boxes.

According to club member Bob Dub, the Sportsmen’s Club has hosted this conservation program for approximately six years.

“This has made a big difference in the wood duck population around here,” said Dube.


Youth volunteers help build nearly 30 wood boxes to help preserve the wood duck popualtion in the region. The boxes were distrbuted to those who wanted them, free of charge.

Unlike other ducks, the wood duck only nests in holes in hollow trees or man-made wood box houses. Dube noted that the completed boxes are given to people who are looking to install them in hopes of giving the wood ducks a new home. The ideal location for the box placement is land along marshes and waterways.

Dube said boxes, poles and sawdust for bedding are all given free for people who want them.

“If they need help putting them up, we’ll come out and help you set it all up,” said Dube.

Dube added that it’s important to get children involved in projects like this.

“It gives them a taste of conservation at a young age and that way they can see the fruit of their work,” said Dube.

The club supplied all the materials and tools for the program, and also supplied lunch to those who participated.

“Conservation is a huge part of what we do,” said Dube.


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