Concerns raised over amount of unfinished street paving



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Town officials will attempt to contact developers to recoup money and look for paving jobs to be finished as a number of performance bonds have expired.

Todd Hewitt, the town’s manager of engineering and operations, provided town council with a list of nine streets that require a top coat of asphalt, some where the first coat of asphalt dates back as far as 1996. Five of those streets show the performance bond has expired, two being self-renewing and two more where there is no record of securities within the public works department.

Councillor Diane Pouget expressed concern with the report, believing it would cost $4.4 million to finish the work. Hewitt said that number would actually be much lower, stating the $4.4 figure would include the entire project including sewers and other components. He said exact figures as to what the projects would cost would require an RFP but said he would work up rough estimates on the project.

Hewitt gave an example of Marsh Drive where the base coat was placed in 2002. He estimated that would cost $20,000 to place an additional coat of asphalt.

“The town continues to pursue all options to get this work completed, including

contacting the developers directly,” Hewitt said in a report to council. “In 2009, the town completed the surface asphalt for a development where securities had lapsed and was forced to take legal action in an attempt to recoup the costs that were incurred to place the asphalt.”

Hewitt said the town had previously accepted performance bonds as security for developments with the bonds typically expiring two years after the work was

substantially complete, “which was often before the developer and town were

ready to place the surface asphalt.” He said the town now requires that the developer provide securities for 100 per cent of the value of the work remaining when a development is removed from maintenance and this security must be self-renewing.

“If the town is forced to place the surface asphalt on these roads there will be

costs incurred. The town would then have to determine if the costs can be

recovered by the developer and how to go about recovering this money,” said Hewitt.


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