Complex ‘on time and under budget’

By Karen Fallon

Max DeAngelis, from DeAngelis Construction Inc., updated council on the status of the United Communities Credit Union Complex, which he described as a “positive project” that has come in on time and under budget.

DeAngelis provided council with a personal perspective regarding his company’s part in the construction of the complex.

“I would like to recap on what has been a very, very positive experience not only for the industry and our company but in general. To comment on the ability to deliver a product on time and under budget and meet the requirements and mandate of the RFP (Request for Proposal,)” said DeAngelis.

During his presentation DeAngelis praised council and administration for bringing about something that is “envied by not only those in Southwestern Ontario, but throughout Canada.”

“I can, in all honesty, say that you exceeded our expectations. That is an absolute jewel over there worth every penny,” said councillor John Sutton. “You and your partners should be very proud of the product you delivered to this community; our hats are certainly off to you.”

DeAngelis says he has received several telephone calls a week providing positive feedback since the grand opening of the facility and as more people experience the facility those calls are on the raise.

“I am very proud, not only as a kid growing up in this town, but with the warm reception I have had throughout the town of Amherstburg,” said DeAngelis. “To have delivered what we have delivered in the past 12 months is humbling because we have had so many thanks.”

“A lot of you have put so many hours into this and years and years of thought; it is just awesome,” he said to council. “We should be proud…we thought out of the box and we took to heart what the people wanted.”

Pam Malott, the town’s CAO, confirmed that the project which began in 2009 when the town received federal funding of $15.7 million had come in on time and under budget.

The two outstanding projects on the complex are a solar panel roof and landscaping, both of which will be completed when weather permits.

The current complex surplus is $618,936 and work not yet completed is estimated at $562,000, leaving a projected surplus for the project of $56,936.

Any change orders in connection with the project that were over $25,000 had to come before council as indicated in the town’s procurement policy.

Councillor Diane Pouget says the town’s procurement policy needs to be examined as some of the change-work orders on the complex came in “just under $25,000” which meant they didn’t have to come before council.

In response to Pouget inquiry regarding the change-work-order on the ice machine, councillor John Sutton said that the steering committee and council decided to go with an eco-friendly ice cube refrigeration unit that didn’t emit ammonia fumes and was seen as having a longer life span.

“Each and every one of those change work orders, whether it was at the steering committee level, or council level was certainly debated and well thought out,” said Sutton. “I think administration and the steering committee deserve a lot of credit for bringing this project to fruition.

“The number of man hours and women hours that went into this project over the past eighteen months was absolutely astronomical,” Sutton continued. “It was certainly a labour of love.”

“Thanks Max, you did a heck of a job for us, you did us proud,” said councillor Robert Pillon.

“It is a state-of-the-art -facility that will serve the community for many, many years,” noted Mayor Wayne Hurst.

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