Community Based Policing Committee back from haitus


By Joel Charron

After a year hiatus the Amherstburg Community Based Policing Committee (ACBPC) is back.

The ACNPC was brought back under Sr. Const. Melissa Taylor, Amherstburg Police’s community officer.

According to Taylor the ACBPC starting accepting applications of members back in the spring and once the members were chosen, held their first meeting in July.

“We’ve just revamped out Community Based Policing Committee,” said Taylor. “We have all new members.”

There are roughly 12 new members on the committee and Taylor said the ACBPC could achieve the successes the committee had under the direction of Sr. Const. Joan Lovell.

“This committee was very successful in the past,” said Taylor. “ It won some awards when Joan ran it.”

Taylor added the committee is “looking at a variety of different events to serve the members of the community.” One such program is the Park Watch program.

“The volunteers walk through the parks and act as another set of eyes and ears for us,” she said.

Taylor noted that she is just a member of the committee and not spearheading it because she “didn’t want the police to be the boss of the committee.”

The ACBPC is headed by Dave Stobbs and vice-chair Dino Gobbo.

“It’s a group of volunteers that want to make Amherstburg a better place,” said Taylor. “It fills a void in the community. People can work with the police department to better the community. They are just citizens of the community giving input  to the police department on what needs our community might have.”

Although the committee as hit the ground running, Taylor said residents could apply and could be considered.

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