Coach Scott pleased with Jr. Lady Gens season

Addie Barron blocks an incoming pass from getting to the St. Joseph’s player.

By Joel Charron

A week before playoffs and General Amherst Jr. Lady Gens head coach Greg Scott couldn’t be more confident.

Last week Jr. lady Gens dropped a well, hard fought game against first place St. Anne’s 33-32 Tuesday afternoon at St. Anne’s then easily defeated St. Joseph’s 53-9 Thursday night at home.

“We played a great game of basketball,” said Scott about Tuesday’s bout. “They were very intense and they worked really hard.”

Scott noted Amherst had to make adjustments after Madison Turner picked up two early fouls and was forced to ride the bench for the majority of the first half. Scott also admits they struggled against St. Anne’s press at time but “came out alright.”

Amherst had an opportunity to win with four second left when Turner drove to the basket but didn’t finish.

“Maddy unfortunate missed the layup but we did a lot of great things that game,” said Scott.

If the Jr. Lady Gens were angry about losing on Tuesday, they took it out on St. Joseph’s on Thursday.

Amherst built a 22-0 after the first quarter and kept their foot on their opponent throats throughout the game as they cruised to a 53-9 win.

After the game Scott said he was worried about how the girls would respond after an emotional loss a few days ago.

“I told them in practice that we have to make sure our intensity level has to be up and we work hard and they did just that. They played very well,” said Scott.

Scott said he was very pleased to see his squad “attack” the basket, something that has been missing in Amherst arsenal throughout the season

“They are slowly catching on and more player are contributing on a regular basis,” he said.

Heading into the final week before playoffs Amherst’s record is 7-2. The girls are third in the league in scoring with 404 points and first in team defense with 175 points allowed.

“I think we are in a good place right now,” said Scott. “I think everyone is working hard together.”

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