Coach Fox introduces BungeeSkate to Midget Majors Stars

By Joel Charron

Being the back-to-back OMHA and OHF champions the Amherstburg Midget Major Stars have a rather large bullseye on their back.

Knowing that every time the Stars take the ice they are going to be getting their opponent’s best game, head coach Matt Fox is always looking to keep an edge over their opponent.

And he may have found one.

While attending a Roger Neilson Coaches clinic at the University of Windsor, a vendor caught the attention of Fox.

“The BungeeSkate had a nice booth set up with a video demonstration,” said Fox.

Upon further investigation Fox liked what he saw and inquired into purchasing a package for the Midget Majors.

How the BungeeSkate works is rather basic. One end of the bungee cord is attached to a secure, stable area; the other end is attached to the skater.

When training begins the skater races as far as he can go and continues the skate until the drill is over.


Dean Shepley uses the BungeeSkate to work on his cross stepping as Stars head coach Matt Fox observes

BungeeSkate simulates real ice hockey scenarios and assists in the development of a skater’s off-the-start explosiveness, quick feet movements, balance and stamina. In addition, BungeeSkate offers a new and creative dimension to traditional on-ice skating drills. BungeeSkate’s ease of use allows for quick transition from drill station to drill station – maximizing precious ice time.

BungeeSkate is designed to improve a player’s balance, endurance, speed and explosiveness by strengthening their legs and core.

“It’s a low impact way you can really strengthen a kids core,” said Fox.

Bungee cord resistance training also provides for much greater versatility in the manners in which one can use them for exercise, in that resistance is provided whether exercising in a vertical or horizontal plane. Free weights, on the other hand, require gravity, and therefore a vertical plane, to be effective. For example, movements like first step skating quickness and twisting and turning from side-to-side to reach the puck before a defender does, can all be developed by bungee cord resistance systems like BungeeSkate while not so much by using free weights.

For the same reasons, bungee cord resistance training allows for slight adjustments in movement to alter muscle emphasis while such versatility is much harder to accomplish with free weights. Additionally, bungee cords provide continuous tension on the muscles being exercised, whereas with free weights, the tension varies depending on the muscles’ position in the given exercise’s range of motion.

Fox said he plans on using the training method every other week, when the Stars have two practices a week.

Midget Major rookie Alex Popel said the drill is “very hard” and believes gives the Stars a big edge.

“It definitely makes your legs stronger,” he said. “It will help us in the third period, when it really comes down do it. “

Popel stated that the Stars are already a very fast team, adding this kind of training to a team that always works hard is going to make them even faster.

“No one is going to be able to stop us,” he said.

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