Chicken Soup for the Soul features A’burg author


By Joel Charron

Mostly everyone has come across a Chicken Soup for the Soul book.

You know, the books filled with inspirational stories from everyday people that leave the reader feeling warm and cuddly inside.

But what people may not know, one of Chicken Soup for the Soul’s regular contributor is Amherstburg’s own, Pam Goldstein.

After a twenty-year career in nursing, Goldstein turned to her passion- writing. She has completed three manuscripts; two plays and several of her short stories have been published in an anthology book. She produces/hosts the “Boker Tov” radio show and is heard worldwide on the Internet.

“I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Ever since I was a little kid, writing was a part of me,” said Goldstein.

Goldstein has written stories for Chicken Soul for the Soul books such as, “Finding my Faith,” “O Canada,” “Inspiration for the Young at Heart,” “Empty Nesters,” “Hooked on Hockey,” and more recently “I Can’t Believe my Dog Did That” and just in time for Christmas “The Gift of Christmas.”

Goldstein recalls her first attempt at writing was when she was 40 years old physc nurse.

Pam Goldstein sits with her beloved companions, Brinkley, a six year old Carin Terrier and Max, a six year old shepard-collie mix.

“I was taking care of someone who claimed to be a terrorist and it really scared the crap out of me,” said Goldstein. “The physiologist I was working with, Dr. Nasser told me to write down my worst fears. I began writing and it became this story that people loved.”

Goldstein’s short story in Chicken Soup for the Soul: I Can’t Believe My Dog Did That” focuses around her two dogs, Brinkley, a six year old carin terrier and Max, a six year old shepard-collie mix and their playful interactions with the nearby golfers from Pointe West Golf Club when their ball landed in the Goldstein’s backyard.

Goldstein said she became a contributor for Chicken Soup for the Soul when she met one of its editors while attending a writer conference years ago.

“She told me that I should try my hand at short stories,” explained Goldstein. “I told her several stories and she said that I was hilarious and I was exactly what Chicken Soup was looking for.”

Goldstein’s first crack at a Chicken Soup story was for the “Empty Nesters” and told the story of when her daughter moved to New York.

“From there, it just evolved,” she said.

Goldstein said she enjoys writing for Chicken Soup for the Soul, however it does present a challenge because she is only given 1,200 words. Goldstein added that writing the short stories have helped her in writing the long manuscripts because it helps her focus on the main points in her stories.

“It definitely helps with the big manuscripts. I recommend it for all would be writers,” she said.



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