Charity girls hockey game remembers Corey Meloche


By Joel Charron

The General Amherst Lady Gens and the Villanova Wildcats played as one Monday night to fight breast cancer and honour the late Corey Meloche.

General Amherst head coach Dan Pettypiece said the annual Corey Meloche Skate for a cure All-star challenge charity hockey game is a good way to end a long season.

“It’s all about fun tonight,” said Pettypiece. “We’re playing hockey for a good cause while at the same time keeping the memory of Corey Meloche alive and well.”

Pettypiece mentioned that the format of the charity game has changed this year. Instead of playing a head-to-head game, players were drafted onto teams, much like the NHL All-Star game.

“Both coaches felt it would be an interesting and fun to play a charity game where one team gets killed,” said Pettypiece.


Ben Meloche along with godmother Chelsea Laramie and Aunt Haylee Meloche and referee Zak Parlette drop the drop between Villanova’s Melissa Mayrand (black) and Amherst ‘s Tally Holzel (white.)

After a 15 minute first   period, all players took part in a “crazy skills” competition that feature events such as a sled race relay, a pig shoot and the human luge before heanding back out on the ice for a 20-minute period.

Pettypiece said the charity game is a highlight for his team.

“I think this is a fun way to end the season and make some good memories,” said Pettypiece.

Before the game Pettypiece presented Miranda Turner with a collage of her in action for all her hard work over the past four years.

Pettypiece admits it was a bit of a rough season for the Lady Gens but gives them credit for battling through it.

“They had a tough year and they know that but we are as proud of this team as we are any other team we’ve coached,” he said.

Pettypiece described his squad as a hard working group of kids who are “very comical.”

“They walk into a dressing room and you would never know that they lost a game,” he said. “I want them to want to come back next year.”

Pettypiece noted that the game is also a great way to keep Meloche ‘s name and memory alive.

“I want to keep educating these kids, year after year, that number 11 on the jersey means something and will always mean something,” stated Pettypiece.

Tally Holzel said she and every girl that wears a Lady Gens hockey jersey is in debt to Meloche.

“It’s because of her that I get to play the game I love for my school,” said Holzel. “We are all in her debt.”

Darlene and Dan Meloche, along with Meloche’s three-year-old son Ben were also in attendance.

“To keep Corey’s name involved in this, we’re just thrilled,” said Darlene. “It means people are still remembering her and still want to be here for her.”

Before the game, Ben was the guest of honour, taking part in a ceremonial faceoff.

Darlene said she and Dan make sure Ben know who his mother is and how important she was to many people in the community,

When Darlene asked Ben where he keeps her mother, Ben smiles and pats his heart.


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