CAT continues TNR in downtown area: Nexen test site approved

By Karen Fallon

Councillor John Sutton’s motion to direct the CAT Team to work with the Windsor-Essex Humane Society in instituting a trap, neuter and release program in the downtown area ignited a passionate response from several council members at the recent meeting.

In reply councillor Carolyn Davies says she is concerned with how the Humane Society’s involvement will have on the feral cats as most of them end up euthanized.

“I am concerned about wanting to have the Humane Society of Windsor, for which we have to pay tax dollars, come in to trap, neuter and release which the CAT – Cat Assistance Team has been doing quite successfully for two years,” said Davies, who noted that the Humane Society charges approximately $70 per animal to trap them.

“It is a very poor history with the Humane Society necessarily being able to readopt a feral cat,” she added. “I would agree with working with the CAT team, but not the Humane Society.”

While agreeing to remove the Humane Society from his motion, Sutton says that any proposal that is introduced regarding the feral cat problem has to be well researched and reasonable for the community.

“I think it is very reasonable that we would have a group of residents in an effected neighbourhood come in and ask council and ask for support and I think it is reasonable that we have a group like CAT that wants to be part of that solution,” said Sutton.

The Cat assistance Team Amherstburg was formed approximately year-and-a-half ago to address the expanding feral and stray cat problem in the town.

Since then the group has held fundraising events, which with the support of local veterinarians, has resulted in the spaying and neutering of over 150 feral and stray cats and homes have been found for 60 of the felines.

At their earlier appearance before council the group sought support from the town via the donation of a piece of municipal land which would be used to erect a shelter to relocate the cats from the town core.

Deputy Mayor Ron Sutherland pointed out that at the council meeting of June 13 his motion that the Nexen property be designated as the test site for the feral cat colony, was passed by council.

According to a report by CAO, Pamela Malott, “The Control of feral cat populations has become one of the most controversial issues in animal control and animal welfare organizations. Most communities have feral cat populations which cannot be accurately estimated with any degree of confidence.

Due to the many conflicting opinions and unanswered questions, notes Malott, administration cannot confidently make a recommendation to Council at this time on the establishment of a Feral Cat Colony on Town owned lands.

“Administration cannot definitively determine if there would be costs to the taxpayer both in the short and long term and liabilities which would result from establishment of a Cat Colony,” notes Malott.

There are, added Sutton, “far too many questions” regarding the Nexen test site, including the fact that cats are territorial and if moved from the effected downtown area and the food source remains another group of cats would move in.

Also, he continued, the chosen area for the test site is close to the areas largest provincially significant wetland which houses species at risk and predators such as possums, raccoons and coyotes which would consider the cats a food source.

Currently there is no information on how a cat colony would impact the town’s insurance, which notes Sutton has increased 22 per cent this year.

Although the details are not known at this time, there will be an impact on the insurance cost to the town in respect to the cat colony, says Brenda Percy, Manager of Council and Legislative Services.

“We were suppose to come up with a solution that would not cost the town any money and we have already spent countless hours of council and staff time on this issue,” said Sutton who noted that this was the seventh meeting to date.

A test site is just that, says Davies. “Give it a month or two and see what happens.”

“We really, really have to give a lot of thanks to the CAT assistant program, they are the ones who have stepped up to the plate,” said councillor Diane Pouget, “They are a life-line to our community.”

Greg Nemeth who had earlier in the year addressed council on the importance of the Big Creek and surrounding habitat to the local eco-system, pointed out that there are seven species at risk in the area, one of which is on the endangered list.

“When cats go out there, there won’t be any more birds,” said Nemeth. “I think a cat colony is a great idea, but out there at Nexen where you have all these species at risk it is not the right place.”

In a recorded vote councillors Davies, Sutton, Bart DiPasquale, Robert Pillon and Mayor Wayne Hurst voted to pass Sutton’s motion that CAT continue to exercise the TNR program in the effected downtown area.

However, later in the meeting under New Business Davies raised the issue of going ahead with the Nexen test site.

Also in a recorded vote all but councillors, Pillon and Sutton along with Mayor Hurst voted in favour of setting up the test site.

5 responses to “CAT continues TNR in downtown area: Nexen test site approved”

  1. Woodsman says:

    Look up the term TNR advocates just LOVE to use on how they reduce their feral-cat numbers, their candy-coating feel-good term of “Death by Attrition”. This means that their cats will die from disease, cat-attacks, animal-attacks, exposure to the elements, being road-kill, starvation, and any other means that drastically shortens the life of those cats. ALL their cats suffering for how many months or years it takes to die that way. In many parts of this country and the world this clearly falls under the guidelines for cruelty to animals, animal-abuse, animal-endangerment, and animal-abandonment laws.

    And let’s not forget how TNR advocates think absolutely NOTHING about carving up any cat they see with scalpels for neutering and spaying them, as well as cutting off parts of their ears, from which they have to heal-up for weeks before they are well enough to try to survive again. As if letting them die of “attrition” wasn’t bad enough, TNR-advocates start them off by terrorizing them with traps, cages, and sticking knives into them first.

    If you want to raise revenue for your towns and cities in order to deal with this invasive-species ecological-disaster properly, start charging all these TNR advocates with severe fines and imprisonment for CRUELTY TO ANIMALS. Not only are they cruelly torturing cats, but also all the wildlife that they inflict their cats upon.

    They’re not doing this out of any goodness of their hearts. THEY DON’T HAVE HEARTS. Proved, 100%.

  2. Woodsman says:

    Trapping and/or sterilizing and testing as a solution is a failed concept from Day-One.

    There are now about 150,000,000 INVASIVE-SPECIES feral-cats just in the USA, PLUS 86,000,000 pet-cats (60,000,000 of which are still allowed to kill all wildlife), this means the population is already oversaturated for a long time. Nobody wants more than 86,000,000 cats for pets. There’s only 311,000,000 people in the USA. 2+ cats exist for every 3 people, from infant to senior. Thanks to those who outlawed destroying them in a more efficient, often more-humane, and more cost-effective manner by shooting them. While they also promoted their slow, random-chance, inefficient, and failed trapping programs. TNR people (criminally animal-abusive and irresponsible cat-hoarders in reality) will claim trap and kill is also a failure, and they’d be right. The problem has always been the trapping, slowing things down far below cats’ breeding-rates.

    Keep in mind their exponential growth-rate. An average litter of 5 cats every 5-6 months (some say 3X’s a year), breeding as early as 6-months of age. 2 can become 42 (up to 252) cats in only 1 year. No amount of trapping them (if you could even get them all to enter traps), nor valuable resources (transport and vet costs, etc.), man-hours, nor money will ever catch-up to their growth rate. You have an ecological, human-health, animal-welfare, and financial disaster on your hands, ALL thanks to cat-lovers and TNR-advocates. The faster that cats are destroyed the better. Even using guns and having all stray and feral cats shot-on-sight we still might not be able to catch-up to their exponential growth. Not even until every last land animal (including humans) is gone from this earth, due to cats destroying the whole food-chain, with nothing but cannibalistic cats left walking the land. No exaggeration. Do the math. Ask any TNR group how many cats they’ve trapped. They haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of the problem THEY CAUSED and are only exacerbating with their blatant lies and deceptions. Using the birth-rate [of (N/2) X 5)] every 6 months, guess how many feral-cats alone will be born just this year? 375,000,000 (1st gen) + 937,500,000 (2nd gen) = 1,312,500,000. This is of course if they only breed 2X a year and not 3X a year. Add in the original breeding population and you have 150,000,000 + 1,312,500,000 = 1,462,500,000. Yes, nearly 1.5 BILLION cats. Got enough traps? Got enough centuries to trap them all while they’re still breeding at exponential rates and still annihilating all wildlife? Trap-advocates cost you to lose the feral-cat-explosion race LONG ago.

    On advice of the sheriff, I alone was able to completely rid my land of ALL these INVASIVE-SPECIES feral-cats by shooting. Cats had annihilated the native food-chain for ALL native wildlife, destroying not only all the prey that their cats disemboweled and cruelly tortured for play-toys, but all the predators that depended on that prey, starving all native predators to death as well. (Now there’s REAL animal cruelty for you, caused by cat-lovers. They should all be in prisons for life.) Shooting cats is perfectly legal where I live, and is even a more humane method when done right than terrorizing trapping and animal-shelter methods. One moment they are happily stalking defenseless animals to cruelly torture again, the next they are dead and don’t even know what happened. Making your land 100% cat-free is something that cat advocates haven’t been able to solve nation-wide for 30-40 years. On my land only 1 person in only 2 seasons was able to accomplish what they couldn’t attain in decades. Why is that? It’s also been over a year since, guess how many replaced them. NONE. Another flat-out TNR LIE, their “vacuum effect”. It’s time for you all to grow a spine and get enough strength-of-heart to do what needs to be done. If it’s not legal where you live then use the “SSS Cat Management Program”, for Shoot, Shovel, and Shut-Up. That’s legal everywhere in the world. It may be the only thing that saves us from this ecological disaster caused by spineless and ignorant lawmakers, as well as all the heartless and disrespectful cat-advocates that they defend. Don’t waste your time arguing with ignorant cat-lovers either, as I stupidly tried to do for 15 years. Just do what needs to be done FIRST. Only later, after you’ve made your land 100% cat-free should you take your time to try to educate the ineducable, as I am attempting to do now.

    The Feral-Cat Solution:

    Make new cat-ownership AND care-taking of feral-cats a felony, with fines and prison for anyone failing to comply until this ecological-disaster they created is brought under control by any and all means possible. Shoot-on-sight is, without a doubt, the fastest, most economical (0.3 cent to 3 cents one-time-expense per cat depending on ammo prices), and most effective method available. It’s how I was able to rid my own land of this invasive-species nightmare (legal where I live). This is also the only method that doesn’t endanger nor harass any other animals, like what frequently happens with non-discriminatory random-chance traps. If it’s not legal where you live then use the “SSS Cat Management Program” — SSS = Shoot, Shovel, & Shut-Up. Avoid use of poisons if at all possible, that once entered into the food-chain, will go on to destroy more of the very wildlife that you are hoping to save from destruction by cats. Whatever you do, please bury or incinerate the carcasses so all the deadly diseases that cats now carry won’t go on to further infect the native wildlife, nor any other humans that might come in contact with them. (Cats also pass their Toxoplasma gondii brain-altering parasites to your livestock through their cats’ feces, which is how it gets into the food-chain and people contract it from eating undercooked meats.)

    Following is some good documentation on the most humane ways to confront a feral-cat problem where you live, including the best firearms, air-rifles, and ammo required. Though avoid using their suggested slow and inefficient trapping methods that got us into the disaster that we have now.

  3. Woodsman says:

    WOW! Did I EVER underestimate feral-cats in the USA this year. I found a population calculator online.

    Start with 75M mothers, 75M unneutered males. (150M being a VERY conservative total starting this year.) Average of 2 litters per year (but 2.5 would be closer, the option unavailable). Average of 5 per litter, 50% female kittens, with 90% of adults surviving each year, and 90% of kittens surviving, and 100% of surviving females breed once in the year they are born, though 2X would be closer to the truth (option unavailable). Since NO TNR program ANYWHERE has EVER sterilized >0.4% of existing cats (that’s a verified FACT), it was safe to input 0%, the next available input was 5%.

    Year 1:
    adult population = 150M: 75M moms, 75M toms,
    75M moms having 150M litters; 750M kittens, 375M male, 375M female
    surviving adults = 135M: 67.5M females, 67.5M toms
    kittens = 675M: 337.5M females, 337.5M males
    337.5M young females have 337.5M litters, 1687.5M kittens, 843.75M male, 843.75M female, +1518.75M kittens: 759.375M female, 759.375M male
    moms = 1164.375M; 67.5M + 337.5M + 759.375M
    toms = 1164.375M; 67.5M + 337.5M + 759.375M
    258.75M deaths

    Ending population = 2328.75M: 1164.375M moms, 1164.375M toms
    Total deaths: 258.75M, spays: 0, neuters: 0

    2.3+ BILLION feral-cats at year’s end.

    Now do you see why shoot-on-sight is the only option left? A round of applause for the TNR-people that created this disaster! How about a round of applause as each one faces the electric-chair for what they’ve caused?

  4. Woodsman says:

    Here’s a fun read to show just how TRULY effective TNR programs are.

    Let us take the example of Ally Cµnt Allies’ astounding work in NY City, for example. Shall we? They always like to use that as such a HUGE example of TNR success. From their own words:

    “In NYC there are currently 465 registered TNR colonies. When TNR began in these colonies, 6047 cats were present – today, there are 4523 cats present, a decline of approximately 25 percent.”

    WHAT AN AMAZING SUCCESS STORY by Alley Cµnt Allies! … Right?

    Of those 6,047 cats they managed to trap since 1999 and force through painful surgeries in the last 12 years, they’ve only REDUCED the total population by 1,524 cats, about 127 CATS PER YEAR. (1,524 cats that they CRUELLY TORTURED TO DEATH in reality. Because they all died of what TNR advocates “so lovingly” call ATTRITION. Death by disease, attacks, exposure, road-kill, poisoning, starvation, etc.) However, that’s only 0.4% of the 373,000 within the city’s limits. Yes, TNR groups are making such a HUGE dent in the problem aren’t they. Now, figure in that half of those 373,000 equals 186,500 reproductive female cats. They will EACH have an average litter of 5, anywhere from 2-3 times a year, breeding as early as 5-6 months of age, some breeding before they are even done nursing.

    Guess how many cats have been born IN JUST THE LAST 6 MONTHS (hoping like hell that they’re not breeding every 4 months) while TNR-idiots reduced cats by their ASTOUNDING AMOUNT of 1,524 cats. Let’s do the math, shall we?

    186,000 X 5 = 932,500 BRAND NEW CATS. Yes, you read that right, NINE HUNDRED AND THIRTY TWO *THOUSAND*, FIVE HUNDRED new cats. Almost ONE MILLION NEW CATS were born in just the last 6 months. Which now lowers the number of them that have been reduced by TNR idiots to only 0.16% of them. YOU ARE GOING BACKWARD YOU F***ING IDIOTS!


    Guess how many will be born in another 6 months? (932,500 / 2) X 5 = 2,331,250 — TWO MILLION, THREE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-ONE THOUSAND, TWO-HUNDRED AND FIFTY MORE CATS.

    Keeping in mind that the first 186,500 female cats are all still alive and still breeding too. For another additional 932,500 cats again. Add in the pre-existing 373,000 cat-disaster, bringing the grand total in just ONE YEAR to 3,636,750 CATS. NEARLY FOUR MILLION. Which now means that TNR groups have only trapped and reduced the cat-population by 0.04% of them. That’s not even ONE-HALF of ONE-TENTH of ONE-PERCENT.

    373,000 cats become nearly FOUR MILLION CATS … IN JUST *ONE* YEAR. Keeping in mind too, that these are the numbers in JUST ONE CITY in the USA.

    Catching on yet?


    And THIS is why we now have over 150,000,000 INVASIVE-SPECIES feral-cats across the USA destroying all native-wildlife and spreading dangerous diseases everywhere they step foot, due to the most amazingly absurd and terminally stupid people on earth promoting their TNR BULLSH**.

  5. Woodsman says:

    Here’s another Fun-Fact that trap-advocates fail to realize, in their infinite ignorance of how animal-behavior and evolution works.

    Those cats that have learned to avoid and evade all trapping methods are the next generation to survive. Ever hear the old adage, “If you invent a better mousetrap nature will just invent a better mouse.”?

    So now, thanks to the supreme stupidity and ignorance of trap-advocates, we have a race of freely roaming cats in all countrysides of every continent which are passing on their “how to survive” behavior to all their offspring, both genetically and behaviorally. Now the next phase of millions of feral-cats won’t even be able to be trapped. This is just how amazingly stupid trap-advocates are. You thought 150,000,000 feral cats was bad? In colloquial terms, “You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!”

    There’s a reason the phrase “hunted to extinction” is so well-known in all cultures across all lands. It is the ONLY method that is faster than a species can breed and adapt to.

    Stick that in your TNR-pipe of deceptive and deceitful ignorance and smoke it. You might as well, because you all have obviously been smoking something.