CANDIDATE Q&A – Ron Sutherland

The town is going through a re-branding process. How would you define what Amherstburg is and how it should be promoted?

Amherstburg was re-branded during Amalgamation and the Crest has the three municipalities: Amherstburg/Anderdon/Malden already displayed and must be preserved. The Crest outlines and informs that we are indeed a heritage destination. The war of 1812 was partially fought on our shores.

I certainly hope that the residents will have input in whatever design is presented prior to a final decision by a select “few.”

Ron Sutherland is seeking a position as a town councillor in the Oct. 22 municipal election.


Taxes and spending will always be election issues. What is the best way to spend money on roads and infrastructure while, at the same time, keeping taxes at a reasonable level?

There will always be roads that need repair with some being completely restructured due to wear and council/administration must comply with due diligence by outlining a short and longer term repair/replacement on a timely basis. Having said the aforementioned, it must also be pre-planned in the operating budget and stuck to, however, there will also be emergency situations that have to be dealt with. Taxes, unfortunately are a necessity, however with the proper planning they can/must be held to a minimum increase, keeping Amherstburg a vibrant and prosperous community. The simplest way to hold taxes in check is to seek new industry opportunities to locate to this municipality (this is not rocket science) however, that is why economic development is crucial and needs to be an integral part of operating, just like public works/planning etc.



Transparency” and “accountability” are words often heard during election campaigns. What specific measures would you undertake to ensure town council lives up to those words?

Transparency and accountability are “buzz” words stated by many if not all candidates, however, statements issued by perspective members of council regarding any issues must be monitored to ensure that they are indeed being implemented and not just uttered to make a good impression.



Sutherland stated he is only going to address the three as listed. I do believe that the final two questions are very important and must be discussed, however, in my humble opinion, I believe that these two topics need public and one on one conversations.”

How would you encourage economic development for the Town of Amherstburg over the next four years (and beyond)?

The policing issue is still top-of-mind for some of the electorate. Is providing services on a regional level a good way to save money, a detriment to the town and its identity or would you view it on a case-by-case basis?

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