CANDIDATE Q&A – Peter Courtney


The town is going through a re-branding process. How would you define what Amherstburg is and how it should be promoted?

 I love this question, and I love the process for re-branding that has begun with Cinnamon Toast’s involvement! I am passionate more than most I believe because I am born and raised in Amherstburg and so much of what defines this town is also what defines me. We are a close knit group of citizens that believe in local, support local enjoy our tourism and feel safe in raising our families here. However, to continue to enjoy what I have here for some many years requires our town to ensure we keep current, modernize our processes, extend our reach and marketing efforts and ways of doing business. 

Peter Courtney is running for the position of councillor in the Oct. 22 municipal election.



Taxes and spending will always be election issues. What is the best way to spend money on roads and infrastructure while, at the same time, keeping taxes at a reasonable level?

This is perhaps the biggest concern of residents and is a tough one to answer. We want the best for our town and that comes at a cost.  Keeping taxes at a reasonable rate will occur when there is a proper plan in place for capital spending.  That plan should consist of prioritizing the needs, allocating the funds accordingly and possibly phasing things in, so as to not overburden the budget and placing it on the taxpayers.  I believe that we the residents just want peace of mind knowing that the town is running as efficiently as possible, and that we are getting the biggest bang for our dollar. 




“Transparency” and “accountability” are words often heard during election campaigns. What specific measures would you undertake to ensure town council lives up to those words?

I feel strongly that our town council can only do its job if it’s given the proper tools to do so. Accountability and transparency (which I believe if it is not, should be identified in a policy document that is applicable to all levels of decision makers) is a result of proper planning, communication and integrity. The measure I would take would be to ensure council is supported, educated and trusted.  As well if elected, I’d like to implement a “Council Corner” blog or Q and A in the RTT so we can stay connected with a broader resident audience.




How would you encourage economic development for the Town of Amherstburg over the next four years (and beyond)?

The strategic pillars that our town has identified in the 2016-2021 Community Based Strategic Plan has outlined some very promising commitments towards the economic development for the Town of Amherstburg. I support the actions the plan identifies, and if elected to council I would want to ensure we had a clearly defined action plan with associated targets & deadlines to ensure administration and council jointly are accountable to the commitments that have made in this published plan.




The policing issue is still top-of-mind for some of the electorate. Is providing services on a regional level a good way to save money, a detriment to the town and its identity or would you view it on a case-by-case basis?

I personally believe in local policing over a regional strategy. Even though there may (I stress may) eventually be some realized cost savings, by going regional I do feel we compromise our identity and that our local police force is part of the small town culture we strive to preserve. As a business, I do believe there will be some tough decisions that our Town has to make that will need to be taken case by case, but my view on this particular top of mind issue is as I have stated above.




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