CANDIDATE Q&A – Marc Renaud


The town is going through a re-branding process. How would you define what Amherstburg is and how it should be promoted?

Amherstburg is jewel on the mouth of the Great Lakes with a rich history, and it has flourished into a dynamic place to visit. A tourist can visit our thriving downtown, as well as our parks, wineries, craft distilleries and restaurants.  With proper planning and vision, I believe Amherstburg could become a destination like Niagara-on-the-Lake.


Marc Renaud is running for the position of councillor in the Oct. 22 municipal election.

Taxes and spending will always be election issues. What is the best way to spend money on roads and infrastructure while, at the same time, keeping taxes at a reasonable level?

Roads and infrastructure as a critical investments for our community, but we should take a measured and thoughtful approach when taking on new projects. We should continue to use ‘pay as you go’ mentality with cash on hand or provincial grants. We should be mindful of taking not taking on new debt for projects and not dipping in capital reserves to finance road repairs.



Transparency” and “accountability” are words often heard during election campaigns. What specific measures would you undertake to ensure town council lives up to those words?

Your accountability and transparency as an elected official can be judged by your overall conduct at the council table and in the community.  

What does being accountable and transparent mean to me? It means being responsible for every decision I make to our residents. That means saying no, if the math doesn’t add up. Saying no, if it doesn’t benefit our community as a whole. It means being ready and willing to explain why I voted the way I did to anyone that asks. It means engaging with residents to ensure that they are not missing important issues, because their input is invaluable.



How would you encourage economic development for the Town of Amherstburg over the next four years (and beyond)?

Economic development needs to be a priority for the next municipal government to ensure the continued growth and prosperity of Amherstburg. The status quo is not good enough.

If elected, I will support the hiring of a full time Economic Development Officer, to attract new and retaining old investments in Amherstburg, as well as tax and fee deferrals for certain new investments.

Amherstburg is changing and that can feel scary to some people. Will new developments, businesses and continued economic growth change the true character of our community? I don’t think so. It will allow small businesses to thrive, give people the dignity of being able find a job without the cost of having to travel 50km each day, attract new residents and increase the prosperity of our town.



The policing issue is still top-of-mind for some of the electorate. Is providing services on a regional level a good way to save money, a detriment to the town and its identity or would you view it on a case-by-case basis?

I believe these opportunities should be considered on a case-by-case basis. The cost savings and collective rights of employees should be weighed equally in the decision making process. The right opportunity would not be detriment to the town and its identity. Saving money allows the town to more effectively serve residents in other ways without raising taxes, through recreation services, parks, road repairs, and supporting economic development and job creation.

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