Canada D’Eh Run kicks off July 1 celebrations



By Jolene Perron


“This is where history began, and this is where this run deserves to be.”

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Chris Uszynski started the Canada D’Eh run in Amherstburg five years ago, working with RunningFlat and has grown the event to become to largest Canada Day race, on Canada Day, in all of Canada. His work with running flat has named him the race director luminary award of the year from Athletics Canada.

“We have people as far as Vancouver here, all to kick off Canada Day with the beautiful Fort behind us. It’s really an iconic race,” said Uszynski. “I love the town of Amherstburg, I’ve been here for 26 years, I’m not a lifer, I’m a transplant but I’ve always loved this community. I think there’s so much to offer. It’s a wonderful community. I’ve raised two kids here, I wouldn’t do it anywhere else. “

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Amherstburg mayor Aldo DiCarlo said he’s incredibly grateful to Uszynski for bringing this event to Amherstburg and keeping it in the town year after year.

“Running Flat put on an amazing show here,” said DiCarlo.
When questioned about why he doesn’t run in the race, DiCarlo’s answer was comical.
“I got close this year, I really did,” he joked. “As I always say, my favorite joke, only time I run is when someone is chasing me so if you see me running you’d better start running too.”


Top male finishers of the 5km race included:

Ryan Allison, age 36 from Belle River – 17:14
Owen Martin, age 15 from Harrow – 17:53
Ivo Oljacic, age 51 from Windsor – 18:09

Top female finishers of the 5km race included:

Tori Bouck, age 16 from London – 18:51
Blaire Kniaziew Gervais, age 40 from Windsor – 19:48
Alyssa McKinkley, age 26 from Windsor – 21:13


“We do this run every year, since before our son was born and he’s participated in the kids’ dash every year and it’s just a fun family exciting thing to do on Canada Day,” said second place female finishers, Kniaziew Gervais. “He looks forward to it every year. ‘Are we doing the Canada Day run mummy?’ We will continue to family tradition. It’s the only one around and Chris does an amazing job with the race and it’s very family friendly”

For just a 23-minute race with her 10-year-old nephew, Patricia Kriz came all the way from London just to participate in the run first thing in the morning, before heading back home for her own town celebrations.

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“It’s Canada Day, I’m a proud Canadian,” said Kriz. “This is a great race, a great event, my nephew is from Lakeshore so it’s a great opportunity for us to run together.”

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