By-law amendment allows Amico to construct contractor’s yard


By Karen Fallon

A zoning by-law amendment which allows Amico Properties Inc. to construct a contractor’s yard at 7751 Howard Avenue was passed by council following a public meeting held Nov. 13.

This will allow for, among other things, stockpiling of clay, clean top soil and granular material.

The approximately 25 acres has been zoned Holding Special Provision Heavy Industrial.

Council agreed with administrations recommendation to allow the rezoning despite concerns raised by area residents that involved increased truck traffic, noise, dust and devaluation of their property.

Because both the Official Plan and Provincial Policy Statement encourage and promote the development of employment lands, Councillor Robert Pillon says that council is obligated to work with the contactor, not only because it is in the OP, but on behalf of the residents as industrial properties help to keep the residential tax base down.

Councillor John Sutton said of a speaker at the meeting: “I think Mrs. Lucier asked an important question and that is can the resident’s concerns be addressed before the stockpiling of clay and top soil begins and the answer is yes.”

“Very clearly this is common planning procedure across the province that you do the zoning bylaw amendment with the H (Holding) in place so that things like storm water management, noise mitigation, traffic impact studies can be done,” said Sutton.  “Then the results can be incorporated into a final plan that requires council approval and another meeting to consider those important items before that work begins.”

Carrie Ducharme, a Howard Ave. resident says: “No one is saying they are against the idea we just want people to understand our end of it as well. We deserve to live out there in peace and quiet that is our choosing.”

In response Cindy Prince, vice-president of Amico Properties noted that she heard what the residents had to say.

“We don’t interpret this to do whatever we want,” said Prince. “This is not the end tonight, it is just the beginning.”


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