Bus safety number one for students and drivers


By RTT Staff

Sharp Bus Lines drivers were at St. Jean the Baptists Catholic Elementary School October 19 to show students what they need to do to exit a bus safely in the event of a crisis on the bus.

This event happens every year, and for the students that act as bus patrollers, it provides them with an opportunity to hone their skills should they be called on to help the bus driver in an emergency.

“I think it’s good so the JK’s and SK’s can learn how to do the drill so they know

St. jean the Baptist Grade 7 students Victoria Iannucci and Sydney McIntyre help JK students down from the bus drill safety drills.

how get off the bus when it’s not safe,” said Sharp Bus Line drive Joyce Charron.

Grade 7 students Victoria Iannucci and Sydney McIntyre, was in charge of getting the students organized on the bus to make sure everyone gets off in an orderly manner.  They learned what to do if the driver becomes incapacitated.

Charron explained that the first priority of all drivers is child safety, and though she has never had an emergency on her bus that required evacuation, she knows drivers that have.

“Because it can happen, we don’t like to think of it happening, but it can and we want the children to know what to do,” said Charron.    “They need to know because it has happened in the past.   Not all through actual accidents, there have been other different times we’ve had to evacuate, but the important thing is that they know how to evacuate properly because they just can’t be replaced.”

Charron said Sharp Bus line conducts the safety drills with every school within its district.

“It’s very important that we teach the children to stay calm,” said Charron. “They need to know what to do and where to go.”

Some of the safety tips that are being taught to the children are, making sure they keep their feet and book bags out of the alleyway, when jumping out of the bus children must entering a “skiing position.”

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