Bulldogs show signs of improvement in loss to Holy Names


By Joel Charron

The General Amherst Bulldogs senior football team may be 0-2, however the engine looks like it’s starting to turn over.

Holy Names, the number one ranked team in the county handed Amherst their second loss of the season last Thursday afternoon, shutting out the Bulldogs 25-0 at Centennial Park.

Amherst held the game scoreless until the second quarter when Holy Names gashed the Amherst defense for a 20-yard touchdown pass, which was immediately followed by a single on the kickoff.

The Knights added a 36-yard run and the added the point after to go up 14-0.

In the dying second of the first half, the Bulldogs stopped the Knights on a one-yard run, preventing the Knights from building a three-touchdown lead.

Holy Names added a 30-yard field goal to take a 17-0 in the third quarter and found the end zone once again on a 19-yard touchdown run on the last play of the game.


Amherst’s Duncan Scott (21) wraps up the Holy Names quarterback for a sack late in the fourth quarter

Despite the loss, General Amherst coach John Rudak was pleased of the effort his players put forth.

“The enthusiasm was there. It started Monday and worked through until today,” said Rudak.

Rudak said the second team defense played against the first team offence and according to Rudak helped motivate the player throughout the week.

“The starters were seeing that the back ups weren’t just patty caking it out there. They were working really hard all week,” said Rudak.

Rudak noted he thought the Bulldogs played a tough game against the top-ranked team in the county.

“We’re taking this as a moral victory of sorts,” he said.

Amherst quarterback Mike Popel said the Bulldogs do need to improve in all aspects of the game however believed his team didn’t play badly against the Knight.

“In the fist half we couldn’t run the ball but in the second half, we picked it up but it was too late at that point,” said Popel.

Although the Bulldogs are 0-2, Popel believes the Bulldogs are better then what the record says.

“We’ve played two really tough team right out of the gate,” said Popel. “We’re not playing bad ball but we need to be better and we will get better.”

“There no doubt that we can play with these guys,” he continued.

Amherst is going to have to bring that same intensity into this week’s matchup. The Bulldogs face off against long time rival the Villanova Wildcats.

“It should be fun game,” said Popel. “Amherst/Villanova games are always fun to play.”

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