Bulldogs on Ice bring home gold


Special to the RTT

On Tuesday, March 6, 2012 Western Ontario hosted the 8th Annual High School Figure Skating Invitational.  This year 40 different teams took part representing 39 high schools.  Teams are limited to 12 skaters.  The teams compete in ice dance, interpretive dance, free skates and elements.  Points are awarded when skaters place first through to sixth and accumulated throughout the day.  The team won with 46 points.  Jillian Weaver, 2nd place Senior Bronze, Maegan Brush, 5th place Solo Dance 3 and 1st place Interpretive 4, Korie Paquette, 1st place Senior Silver FreeSkate, Danielle Peltier, 3rd place Solo Dance 1, Lauren Kawai, 1st place Interpretive 2, Danielle Peltier & Allison Maitre, 3rd place Team Elements 1.


Front Row: Pat Woods – WOS, Brianna Schipper, Lee-Ann Neufeld, Karen Edwards – WOS. 2nd row: Julia Ferrari, Jen Shay, Colby Duguay, Korie Paquette. 3rd row: Allison Maitre, Allie Renaud, Jillian Weaver. Back row: Maegan Brush, Krysten Swyntak, Kennedy Laing.

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