Brister reveals PC plan for tax relief

By Joel Charron

Essex PC candidate Dave Brister was back in Amherstburg to speak on his party’s plans for tax relief recently.

Brister said that families are faced with a tough decision when thinking about enrolling their children in organized sports.

“Ontario families know enrolling their children in organized sports is expensive,” stated Brister. “Equipment cost a lot. For many families, it means some tough decisions and some sacrifices.”

Brister said a Tim Hudak government “would give hard working Ontario families the tax relief they deserve” while accusing Premier Dalton McGuinty of “taking more from Ontario families” by wanting to raise taxes.

If re-elected, Brister mentioned Ontario families would pay $860 per year more in provincial taxes under McGuinty.

Brister said that a Hudak government would remove the HST from hydro and home heating bills and the debt retirement charge from hydro bills, for what Brister said would account for a savings of $275 for a typical family. Brister said the NDP platform does not include such a plan until 2015-16.

Brister also mentioned that the PC’s would excuse an income-sharing plan, which would make the tax system fairer for families, saving $476 or more for a dual-income family. Income taxes would also be slashed five per cent on the first $75,000 of taxable income for middle class families, saving an additional $258.

The PC candidate said the Liberal and the NDP would raise taxes to pay for their platforms.

“The money has to come from somewhere,” he said.  “McGuinty broke his promise not to raise taxes after the 2003 and 2007 elections and, in order to pay for his own platform, will have to break his promise and increase taxes once again.”

Ontario families would have to pay more than $1,100 per year if the HST were to increase by two-points, Brister mentioned even then would not be enough to pay for all of McGuinty’s promises.

“Under an Ontario PC government taxes will go down,” Brister vowed. “Under Dalton McGuinty taxes will go up yet again. Our plan will lower taxes to give families the confidence to spend again on their priorities, which will help grow the economy and create jobs.”

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