Brister asks voters to “stop Dalton McGuinty’s affirmative action scheme”

By Joel Charron

Essex PC candidate Dave Brister’s latest campaign stop called for Amherstburg families to put a stop to “Dalton McGuinty’s scheme to pay employers $10,000 to hire foreign workers ahead of Ontario job seekers.”

Amherstburg was one of five stops Brister made last Friday as he took aim at the latest Liberal plan.

“Dalton McGuinty wants to spend our tax dollars on affirmative action for foreign workers,” said Brister. “He will spend $10,000 of your money to help foreign workers jump in front of you in the line but you get nothing but the bill.”

Brister said that the McGuinty Liberals are “out of touch” with Ontarians. He stated that since McGuinty took office eight years ago, he has “stood by” as more than 300,000 good paying manufacturing jobs had been taken away in Ontario.

“Ontario job seekers find it harder and harder to find good paying jobs thanks to Dalton McGuinty,” said Brister.

Brister added that the Ontario PC party believes that “the values that made Ontario strong, like equality, fair play and making our province the best place in the world to work, live and raise a family, must come first.”

“It’s a completely backwards policy,” stated Brister. “I think it’s a tremendous mistake on the part of the McGuinty

Essex PC candidate Dave Brister spoke on the Liberal’s ' "affirmative action scheme." Amherstburg was one of five campaign stops for Brister that day.

Liberals and it goes to show you how out-of-touch they are. This will be a hot button issue, no doubt about it.”

Brister added that the people that he speaks with about the plan are “outraged.”

“Ontario has lagged behind the rest of the provinces for 55 straight months,” said Brister. “Even though Ontario’s unemployment rate has soared above the national average for 55 straight months, Dalton McGuinty thinks it is fair to pay for a foreign worker to get a job in Amherstburg ahead of the unemployed workers who lives here.”

Brister not also only took aim at the Liberals but also Taras Natyshak and the NDP, stating the party needs to speak up and clearly state where their party stands on this issue.

“The NDP should come clean on their position on this,” said Brister.

One response to “Brister asks voters to “stop Dalton McGuinty’s affirmative action scheme””

  1. Terry says:

    The PC government are idiots, they shut down hospitals, courts and sold Hydro One, in which Hydro One was not suppose to be privatized, but PC’s allowed it, and Harris took a $10,000,000.00 payout over the sell of Hydro One, they wanted to stop second careers,which helped me get a job, if there was no second careers, I would not of been able to go back to school and get retrained. The Liberals have done a lot for people of all generations and diversity. PC’s goal is to make the rich richer,and the poor poorer!!!!